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I had a dream about my ex girlfriend who I still love so so

Customer Question

I had a dream about my ex girlfriend who I still love so so much... yet in the dream, she was dying and no matter how much I tried to do stuff for her to keep her living, none worked. the dream ended in her dying anyways and i still kept trying to keep her living yet still nothing could work... what does this dream mean?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Psychotherapist replied 2 years ago.
May I ask you some questions about your feelings and perceptions in your dream and if these same feelings relate to feelings about situations in your every day life
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

yes sure. well as a short introduction, i got dumped by this girl (Reb) my ex, back in december 2014, but i still kept contact with her, sometimes even kissing and making out and we established a common factor that its like we're still together even though officially we're not... she went out with other ppl and made out with them too... and anyways she did stuff that i thought was meant to be done while in a relationship and not just for the fun of it... i obviously was hurt when she told me abt it cos i was looking forward to getting her back with me but those were all hits to my heart... i ended up forgetting everything i had declared to myself abt stopping the relationship being a good thing and now i just want her more than ever... and been at it for nearly, well they are 6 months... i love her so f**king much and ive been telling her this everyday... she still tells me that she's hurt and sometimes i feel like its just a bullshit mask that she puts on cos secretly she wants me too but she doesnt want to go forward with it. and i say this cos she also admitted to it sometimes but then goes back behind that shield of hers... if u got specific question ask away please, i really need help about this subject cos its all i think about every second of every day and i got kicked out of work and i still think more about me and her than how my life is turning out to become

Expert:  Psychotherapist replied 2 years ago.
I am so sorry to here how agonizing this is. I am going to go through the dream as if it were a story and ask you feelings and thoughts about symbols in the dream and how it relates to real life. I will put some things together, but this is a collaborative effort so it is important for you to see if what I say feel right. In the dream where were the two of you when she was dying? Was anyone else with you? I wonder if you felt helpless in the dream when she was dying I wonder if you felt helpless trying all kinds of things so she would live. I wonder if in the relationship now you try a lot of things but at times feel helpless. Another way to look at this dream is dealing with loss. You wanted to keep her alive so you would not lose her? but you lost her anyway in the dream. Did you have any feelings after she died in the dream? In real life, she has not died, but it may feel worse because she is there, but the relationship is not the same. The one you want is gone and I wonder if you are grieving the loss.Please answer questions, ask questions, make comments. Let me know what you think Thanks Karen