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Dream Symbolist
Dream Symbolist, Dream Expert
Category: Dream Interpretation
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I have been having a reoccurring dream with the same

Customer Question

Hi, I have been having a reoccurring dream with the same theme for ages. I am always away somewhere, like a holiday or in a few cases, a flash back to when I lived abroad, and I am about to pack to go home and I just can't seemed to get organised. There
is stuff everywhere and it looks way too much for me to pack into my luggage. I start getting very anxious, and stressed that I have a time line in order to get it all organised or I will miss my flight etc. I try to pack and as I go try to work out what I
can leave behind or throw out so that I can fit everything in, but I can't decide what to throw and what to keep. It gets me really panicky. Sometimes I am just home but there always seems to be so much clutter and mess around me that I can hardly move. A
few times these dreams have ended in a death, once my mum and once an older colleague that has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. That one was possibly because a friend of mine did die recently from throat cancer, and I heard of the diagnosis of my
colleague on the back of that, but when it was my mum, it got quite distressed, it was surreal and I was struggling to face the fact that I would never see her again, and I felt the same panic as I did among my mess, which was still there. There have lately
been red demonic eyes show up in my dream lately also. I am always in my home that I grew up in, and they are over the road in the dark just looking at me. It is really scary and often is what finally wakes me up.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Psychotherapist replied 2 years ago.
May I ask you about your feelings and perceptions in your dream and how it relates to your everyday life. The more details we get about you feelings in your dream and how you relate to every day life the more accurate the dream will be.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
When I can't get things packed and I don't seem to have the space or time to pack things, I panic. I don't want to leave anything behind but I just can't see me getting in done in time. I don't know how it relates to my life, I am just sick of dreaming it. It's like I'm always rushing and I wake up exhausted. The deaths are weird and how my dream morphs into this or the demonic red eyes staring at me is beyond me. Mind you the packing (too much stuff to take with me) dream is far more prominent and I have that dream often without the deaths or demonic eyes.
Expert:  Psychotherapist replied 2 years ago.
I am so sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Sometimes a recurring dream can be crucial because we may be dealing with the same issue. Sometimes slight changes can occur in the dream as we are working on the problem.
I usually go through the dream as if it is a story. I ask questions about the feelings or meanings the symbols may have in the dream as well as your real life. I may put some things together. However, this is a collaborative effort, so you have to see if what I write makes sense to you. This is not the interpretation but just asking questions. I will take what you wrote into account. In the beginning of the dream as you say you are panicked and not sure how you will get everything packed.It sounds like your panicked overwhelmed and not sure you will get everything done. In your life is there anything going on in which there seems there is too much work to do or you are overwhelm and not get something done by a deadline? In the dream when you feel anxious about what to throw out and what to keep this could be significant. It could be anything in your life where you are forced to give something up. In your life do you feel overextended with anythings such as work, activities, friends, etc. Do you feel anxious if you have to choose between people, activities or work? Is there any place in your life that you feel is clutter or too many people or just too much for you to be there? Its sounds like you are trapped in a mess of confusion.
I think you said something very interesting in the dream. When you thought you were never going to see your mom again because in the dream she died you got the same panicky feeling that you do in the clutter? Is there clutter where you live or in your childhood house. Some people have a form of Obsessive Compulsive disorder. There is some difficulty in the decision-making part of the brain so they cannot decided to get rid of things.I wondered if anyone had this while you were growing up? I also wonder if you get anxious when you have to face incident that has felt awful? When you see the demonic eyes you are obviously scared in the dream? Did anything frighten you in your childhood home? Is there anyway you feel trapped and unable to get away from something that is upsetting you in your current situation. Please answer questions, ask questions, make comments. The more details we have both about the dreams and your real life circumstance the more accurate the interpretation will be. Thank You Karen Chambre

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