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Dr. Norman Brown
Dr. Norman Brown, PhD
Category: Dream Interpretation
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Experience:  40yrs interpreting dreams & connecting conscious & unconscious minds
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When I have dreams and they mostly they come true or if I feel somethi

Customer Question

When I have dreams and they mostly they come true or if I feel something going to happen I say it it happens what does that mean? When I dreamt my car hit the side rails because of a flat that week happen to me the way of my dream.
Or something on tv someone said something I say something going to happen then 3 days later it happens so what's going on?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 2 years ago.
Precognition and telepathy are features of some dreams--clearly not ALL of your dreams, because you've posted a few others that aren't as likely to be primarily precognitive. Some people have more frequent procognitive dreams or waking psychic flashinsights than others. Very short-term precognition (5-10 seconds) is potentially pretty common, but only for people who are willing to accept it without denying or doubting. I had a male student in a relationship skills class once who could often sense an accident just before it happened and actually prevent it. So he was going into Air Traffic Control in the hope that his psychic gift would actually help save lives of people on airplanes. For it's a general observation that highly unusual events (like falling in love) and life-threatening crises are more likely to be prefigured in dreams than the ordinary future.
But more often than not, there's nothing you can do to change history before it happens. According to a tape by Bin Laden there were a handful of people who had told him about the big attack within weeks to months before it happened; and I also heard about pieces of those events from a few of my students a few weeks before they happened. I've had lots of precognitive dreams myself as well, but mostly about myself (illness, surprising novel experiences, falling in love, my wife's life-threatening health crises, etc.)
I have used the Chinese I-Ching oracular book for inquiring about near-future events in my own or my wife's or daughter's life; and it can only present its own written images, instead of the more precise/individual images that come in my dreams; but it's always been in the right direction about what's going on with myself or my loved ones.
This experience of 40 years with the I-Ching shows me that the future IS present in some forms at least sometimes within reach of our unconscious minds. If you write down your dreams always and read books, take courses or correspond with people like me to help with interpretation, you will get better at understanding your dreams, and you may learn how to better distinguish a literal/realistic precognitive image from a symbolic message, which ALSO may have good guidance for how to point yourself forward on your path of life.
I'll do one more of your dreams tonight, and more tomorrow.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Chinese I-Ching oracular book Where can I get a good one ?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I was thinking of moving out on my own and soon enough I had this dream twice.
What does it mean when you dreamt 7 hooded man walking and chanting around your new apartment kitchen table? I sit up in my dream scared and can't move at all.
Then soon after that I had this bad feeling I felt someone I'm close to. I fear 1yr in 1/2 something going to happen and a loss. My siginfant other is rapid with health issues found out yesterday. He's got a forgetful memory for awhile is 1 he denies to go Dr. 2 His Knee hurts and pre diabetics is 3 that was yesterday. I figure if I moved out he'll get sick more. I wanted to move out because his forgetful memory I work in nursing home since 2002 took a break 4 yrs went back. I know what I'm facing at work then at home too. Then I have this scary dream. What do you think?
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 2 years ago.
I saw what you wrote in answer to Dream Symbolist latelatelate last night and chose not to respond, because I wanted to respect DS's cautious, intelligent approach. The I-ching WILL give you accurate readings about the direction of your significant other's health progression--tho only for the PRESENT and the direction it's currently moving, and also generalized-thru-ancient-Chinese-cultural-symbolism. For a beginner's book, I'd recommend The I-Ching Workbook, by R. L. Wing, and my own I-Ching friend recommended Kersten & (ChineseHusband) Huang to bypass the clutter in the major scholarly work transl to German by Richard Wilhelm & German-English by Cary Baynes. Amazon would have all of them, even USED; and any used bookstore with psych, new-age or metaphysical interests would have several too.. Blofeld is also good.
The fundamental purpose of the I-ching is to teach you how to become a sage by tuning in to what's happening in the cosmos with your personal question, including both objective and subjective realities: Like what's the outlook for my changing jobs--or sig.othr's health direction, which may include HOW I can choose to deal with it. I-Ching will help me deal with my own fears for my wife's and daughter's health by giving me more reality and less fantasy to cope with. But I-Ching cannot reach far out into the future, so you can't expect to get confirmation or refutation of your fear of something 18 months from now.
I can't work on this dream now, because I owe myself the time for my other writing. However tt IS possible that your dream, with the men marching around clockwise is magnifying your fear of having a senile man dying at home AND senile people dying at work--so the death-robed chanting men represent negative masculine-side-of-yourself forces that could keep you on "deathwatch" "Around the clock." And MY perspective on dreams is Jungian, not Freudian; so I don't think your fear BY-ITSELF created the dream. For there are TWO aspects of the dream that are somewhat or very contradictory to your waking attitudes and intentions. 1. The 7 men marching CLOCKWISE suggest & DAYS of the WEEK, which would fit with your fear that you'll be dealing with funeral progression on your weekends as well as weekdays. But 2. the setting is your NEW APARTMENT kitchen table--where you would prepare the nourishment for your personality growth if you moved into a new place. So it's NOT reinforcing your idea of moving away from your SigOthr to Reduce your fear of "around-the-clock-dying." Instead it's implying that you'll have the procession inside of yourself NON-STOP if you live alone, and it will encircle your center for nourishing your own psychospiritual growth.
So perhaps the message is don't live alone as you're now considering. You could throw the I-Ching about that, and th3en explore living with other people. but you're going to need to deal with abandoning your partner if you leave him to reduce your fear.
I gottaq go.