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Dr. Norman Brown
Dr. Norman Brown, PhD
Category: Dream Interpretation
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Experience:  40yrs interpreting dreams & connecting conscious & unconscious minds
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I have dreams where I am on vacation and it is time

Customer Question

For years I have dreams where I am on vacation and it is time to go home but I cant. Often I can't seem to gather all of my belongings to get them packed. They are scattered around a room often times mixed up with the people I have been staying with items. Many times I can't get to the airport on time and miss my flights. Needing reschedule over and over. A few times I have made my flight but the plane winds up landing somewhere strange like a roadway in the middle of nowhere instead of home. There are times where I am driving as well. The roads are confusing and I get worried about getting on roads that are too crowded or full of overpasses and such. Sometimes I don't seem all to worried about getting home and would rather stay.... But I know I have to get back to my responsibilities and must. Other times I am deeply stressed about getting home and my lack of ability in my dream to do so. Can you help me decipher the meaning behind these and possibly help me to learn how to finally get home :)
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 2 years ago.
I'll make one opening interpretation, only introduction to the interpretation, but I must take care of my daughter and then go buy food for both wife and daughter, who are both disabled.
You're not able to find your way back to your responsibilities, possibly because you have been fulfilling responsibilities that aren't the right ones for your soul, for perhaps quite a long time. It's not unusual at all for a person to grow up trying in great earnestness to please his or her parents (please supply your gender, age, and particular job and other identified responsibilities), yet set out in college or job training and end up with the wrong kind of main activities and duties in life than are best suited to his or her soul's development toward whole personality & life fulfillment.
So you've written a little about "false landings" but what sorts of vacation-activities are you actually doing that you're unable to find your way back from? And what people do you find yourself mixed up with that aren't where your home is? How are these people similar to and/or different from those you work with and/or those you live at home with? These questions will help us get a little more clear about where you might be happier than you are now--and are you CONVINCED that you are happy with your work and your life now? Are you around 30 years old?
PS I won't ask for more payment, even tho the website is set up so we can get you to pay more, until you are getting the LIFE-CHANGING direction from your dreams that is very likely, since these dreams are repeating often in order to make you pay attention to them. Because it is high time you took them seriously, even though their ancient language is confusing for modern people untrained in dream interpretation to understand.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Not sure my last reply came through. So I am verifying that it did.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Okay now that I am seeing my reply show up on this page I am afraid my last one did not. I believe I may have sent it through the site instead of through this email. When I went to send it it said I had to pay an extra $32 and I never complied.It was lengthy and well thought out so I would hate to retype it if u indeed did get it. Please let me know.
In case you didn't get it I want you to know that your answer was incredible and you have me extremely interested and what else you may have to say. Thank you deeply
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 2 years ago.
No, your undoubtedly valuable reply did not come thru at all. And there is NO reason you should have been charge ANY more money to send a lengthy reply. The web site allows me to start asking you for more deposit right away, and I never do that--and I didn't do it this time either.
It's a paradoxical feature of many dreams, that what seems like a puzzling barrier to the fulfillment of your normal wishes is actually a hint from Higher Power that your normal wishes aren't taking you in the direction(s) you really need to be going. So I'm very curious about what you wrote befor3e. And believe me, many times I've written what I thought were blindingly relevant insights, only to have them get lost in cyberspace with a single keyboard stroke. So I feel like doing a half-assd job the second time, but once I get started, I end up with at least 2/3-assd and sometimes even 3/4.
So just know that I have infinite patience to gain as much understanding of your life and goals thru precise details of some of the vacation-dreams you have been having. It's possible, for example, that your vacation activities and/or settings themselves represent symbolic "calls to adventure," to go on your own personal "hero-quest" towards something of value for you and your relevant community that was not in the playbook you grew up knowing about. I've come to treat my solo vacations in real life as Pilgrimages, as my life itself is a pilgrimage.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ok dearest wise one... Let me attempt this again! So your first interpretation has me quite awed. Are you a sort of psychic perhaps? You hit the nail absolutely on the head but I just can't see how my dream told you the things that you hinted at! Wow!
I am 39-year-old single mother of three boys age 17, 13 and 11. Their father has them 50% of the time.
For as early as I can remember I have worked on and off for my mom and step fathers family business. They owned rental properties, an RV park and a mobile home park. My mother has incurable cancer and recently sold her rental properties to my younger brother and the mobile home park to myself. Years ago my brother bought the RV park from them. All in all we work wonderfully together as a family. We are in all honesty a slightly dysfunctional, zany, brutally honest, yet extremely loving, fun and caring family.
But alas, owning a mobile home park is in no way a dream come true for me. You are right it does not fulfill my soul. I am good at what I do, however I was not cut out to be a manager nor tell people what to do. It gives me a sort of constant anxiety and I often times feel stress regarding my job.
Yet, after buying the business, for the first time in my life I am finally able to afford what does fulfill my soul. Travel. Adventure. With family camp the end of this month, Croatia/Italy in August and New Orleans for my 40th birthday in October what do I really have to complain about?
So I am stuck. I have a job that allows me to afford to do the things I want to do. A job that is a family business and therefore one I can't just turn around and sell as it means something to my family. A job that is in no way something I would've picked for myself. A job that both fulfills me in one way and leaves my soul empty in another.You asked who I went on these vacations with in my dream and where I went. I've gone to all sorts of odd places. I have no idea where any of them are as it seems my brain has made these places up. I have been to beaches in foreign lands, boat rides up tropical jungle's and most commonly to friends houses, God knows where! Often times I am staying in large homes with many rooms to explore. My mom, stepdad, boyfriend and different friends have been in these dreams. There part never seems to be a big role in my dreams though. In fact I can barely remember who was with me. My children are never with me though. In fact they are almost always the sole reason that I am trying to get home.
You have me intrigued as to your next words. You were obviously busy man caring for your loved ones. Thank you for putting time and energy into helping me figure out what my soul is trying to tell me. I am deeply appreciative. Namaste. Until next time ✌️
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Sorry for some spelling and punctuation errors. As I am using my iPhone I am using text to talk to speed things up. Sometimes I don't catch the mistakes!
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 2 years ago.
I have to go get new meds for peripheral neuropathy for my daughter. And my computer is under seige. Be back later.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 2 years ago.
The JustAnswer computer system has stopped sending any customers' responses on to our home email addresses, and around half of all customers lose interest without any warning. I'm sorry, but my awareness that we had started but weren't making any progress fell thru the cracks. It was incumbent on ME to offer more information. My caregiving for both wife and daughter is the highest time commitment in my life, but this work and my developing book on the emotional dynamics of love are the principal rewards that keep me working with my craft, since I don't have time to transfer my license from FLA to GA and build a therapy practice here.
It's been a long time, but the transcript of our conversation is right in front of us. The keys to what your dreams might show/tell you that you DON'T already know about yourself lie in the contradictions between dream content and waking-life experience plus thoughts, feelings & convictions. But you have to be as precise as possible about what the place Looks Like where you are in your dream... So you also have to pick a particular dream -- for which you might know a possible triggering event/thought/feeling--such as "getting ready to go to Croatia/Italy" or "hassle with boys' father."
No, I'm not a psychic, but 50+ years of dream interpreting (40+ professionally) make some intuitive leaps possible. The psycho-logic of dreams is very elegant, if not as rigid as Aristotelian logic. Freud discovered some of it, Jung became a consummate master, and others have continued to find new wrinkles.
There's enough specificity in one dream-place to point out one "place" where your spiritual hero-journey could be fruitful if you choose to commit some energy&time to it: "Often times I am staying in large homes with many rooms to explore." Your mind has many rooms to explore; and if your significant relationships show up there even peripherally, those rooms & linkages might be available to understand more psychologically/deeply than you do now. That means dream- and personal-life analysis of the Jungian & neofreudian types, in which your childhood hangups are not the goal, but your creative personality development towards the wisdom, service and integration that your Higher Power uniquely intends for you. The journey INWARD takes just as much courage as the journey to distant lands. Your own psychic symbol-language uses the images of your travels, just as one of my own symbol-languages uses my own history of high mountain living and exploring, as well as some of my own 5yrs worth of European travels.
One more generalized dream-situation you mention is this: "The roads are confusing and I get worried about getting on roads that are too crowded or full of overpasses." So when YOU're driving, you're conducting an "auto"nomous (ie self-directed) hero-search/PILGRIMAGE, NOT a "guided tour" led by some professional who decides FOR everybody WHAT THEY SHOULD SEE(K). And you DON'T want to get confused by following a crowded (ie mass-society) life-trajectory-- NOT a pilgrimage that "everybody else" is also following. Nor do you want to get confused and "PASS OVER" some essential goal/treasure that was YOURS ONLY to discover! [Isn't it exquisite, how artistically accurate your own dream-word-symbols can be?!]
Comparison: In my 5 college-age years in Europe (60's), 1 subsequent family trip (1989) & 4 solo mountain walking tours since 2000, I never went on ONE guided tour, not even of a city or museum. For I had to be free to let each essential treasure & epiphany surprise me without predictions or preconceptions--and I never drove a car, but took public trains, buses and boats and hitch-hiked. To maximize SURPRISE in who I met. I didn't even know until I married a veteran of Jungian analysis in 1985 what SYNCHRONICITY was! I BET you know that concept and it's a major source of fulfillment on your own travels -- since those magic meetings of unexpected meaning are the equivalent in daily life of the enlightening finger of dreams, and they're much more likely to spark during foreign travel.
To really carry out an exploration first depicted in one of your dreams, you have to be as complete and detailed in your transcription of a dream as you can, including what might have triggered it. For the keys to any dream's meaning (if it's not just anyold generic "big house with many rooms" that you don't see ANYTHING inside of at all) are the differences between what you Actually see & experience, what aspects of YOU you are in the dream, and all the other thoughts, expectations, fragments and tangents you collect from that dream.
I still don't know enough about any of your dreams to go into any depth with you. So let's consider the dilemma you have in your life at just about 40 (what day in October?). Your wanderlust seems to lead you into guilt about leaving your boys behind, but your Higher Power Dream-director doesn't want you to come back to the humdrum until you've discovered or experienced something you can't seem to find in your multivoyage waking itinerary.
You've written that the main reason you're always trying to get back home in your dreams is to see your 3 boys. Is your exhusband happy to have them for as long as you're gone? Is he an interested and exemplary dad? Are your boys in danger of any bad influences if you leave them with their dad for more than a normal adventure-trip?
If you were to consider your Croatia/Italy trip as a Pilgrimage, what icons or symbols or saints would you be going to worship? (broadly conceived)
In your big house dream(s) what rooms, floors or sectors (including yards, pastures, forests, ponds of other landscape phenomena) manifest the ominous noises, mysteries, forbidden-zones, Surprises or climactic epiphanies?
I need to read one or two complete & detailed dreams from beginning to end. Please use dreams that have some Surprises or Shocks, and for which you remember something that might have triggered them. With a few detailed dreams and your willingness to discuss and describe them we can see if there are more indepth-meanings in relation to the historical, relational and spiritual dimensions of your personality.
For if you WERE to discover that you are fulfilled (as well as scared, energized and enchanted as much as in any journey to an exotic foreign land) by inner explorations, then by the time your youngest boy was beyond needing you to keep him close to you (around 7 years), you might be ready to add a graduate degree in counseling, psychology, creative writing or art and gain credentials and experience for a midlife career as a psychotherapist, or artist, novelist, story-teller or popular-press counselor. Your travels could feed your creativity, and your nightly inward journeys could build layers of your personality that only the few in American society (or anywhere) know exist.
Have you ever considered the dimension of life known for Socrates' motto "Know thyself" and Terence's motto "Nothing Human is alien to me?" If so, have you read the bestselling selfhelp book of the 1980s, "The Road Less Traveled" by M. Scott Peck? If you are not interested in these inner riches (and demons) then consciousness development thru cultivating the unique wisdom of your dreams may not be a pilgrim-path for you.
Even if you don't want to go indepth, just answering my questions a few paragraphs above could lead us to some useful insights thru a general dream-survey.
Thank you for that dream-image of "auto-journeys" because it enabled me to retrospectively realize that I was dedicated to that kind of life since my first year in Europe alone at 18, and before that since my early bike trips to the foothills of the LA Mtns at around 10. There's a Jungian analyst's book called "The Soul's Code" by ***** *****man, 1997, where he writes that we're each born with a unique character-code that will uncoil its transformative energy, once we're able to shrug off familial and societal strait-jackets: That's what's emerging in your dreams.