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Dr. Norman Brown
Dr. Norman Brown, PhD
Category: Dream Interpretation
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Experience:  40yrs interpreting dreams & connecting conscious & unconscious minds
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Do you have any ideas on what this dream could mean? Thanks!

Customer Question

Do you have any ideas on what this dream could mean? Thanks! Dream: It was a sunny day, Myself, Hannah (my girlfriend) and her dad were at what seemed to be a festival, although it felt slightly reminiscent of a township in Africa with a mix of tents and
wooden/aluminum shacks. We were on a slope where all the tents and shacks were. There was lots going in true festival fashion. Everywhere you looked someone was doing something interesting so I didn't have any focus on anything in particular. The next thing
I remember is getting angry at David (her Dad is hypomanic & very volatile & caused Hannah to have PTSD from her childhood), I don't remember why exactly but it felt like it had been brewing. I was walking around angrily and then I said something out of turn
to a man who turned out to be crazy. He took my anger, went to get his gun and then went on a rampage. I only remember people running but never getting shot. I had lost Hannah and David at this point and seemed to be running around with the dual aim of finding
them and getting to safety which ended up being difficult to manage. I ran up the slight hill and then turned left. I was now in a meadow/paddock running with other people. It felt almost like that classic moment of skipping through a meadow however we were
being chased by a crazed gunman. I ran to the edge of the field and then the next I know I've run through a watery-like plasma and I have turned in to a red cell. Maybe a blood cell. It seems as if other people has turned in to cells too. I can see the meadow
through the plasmic forcefield but I don't remember exactly what I could see. All I remember is floating around and then I woke up
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 2 years ago.
Your dream begins by placing you with Hannah and her father in a possibly primitive setting--if that's what you feel about this town in what could be Africa: Do the other people seem to be black Africans? And are Hannah and her father also like black Africans in some ways?
Does your initial scene to be full of distractions? Then the theme of your dream: Anger, emerges apparently without warning, right after you explain that her father is a frighteningly volatile hypomanic.
Since you say you are British in another question, it seems possible that your dream projects an unconscious foreignness onto Hannah's father through the African township setting. But first I'd like you to make up a handful of personality characteristics for the township strangers in the opening scene (using your imagination, as if you were setting up the scene for a dramatic story or a movie)--so I can get a better feel for how the setting and energies of its occupants seem to you.
I will proceed with further sketching of symbolism scene-by-scene tomorrow. Can you think of any recent event(s) or thought(s) that may have triggered this dream? Or is it a steady-state vision of the 3-way relationship with the two of them?

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