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Dr. Norman Brown
Dr. Norman Brown, PhD
Category: Dream Interpretation
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Experience:  40yrs interpreting dreams & connecting conscious & unconscious minds
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I had a dream that my friend was murdered and they said her

Customer Question

I had a dream that my friend was murdered and they said her boyfriend had done it. I didn't think he had so I started to investigate it. I looked at all the hospital records and seen that his signature had been forged. I was starting to suspect it was my other friend who did it and framed him but then I was at home with my husband and I had just given birth to an unusually beautiful baby boy and we were taking pictures and sending them to our family and my work friends. I asked my husband if we should go to the doctor or the hospital and he said it would be fine unless I felt sick and then I woke up.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 2 years ago.
If we're going to understand your dream I'll need to understand what your friend means to you--and specifically how she is similar to and different from you. Also whether the boyfriend who was assumed to be her killer really existed and whether the other guy was a real person or not. It sounds like a mythic drama, and yet its meaning would definitely become much greater if you could explain how all 3 of these characters do and do not compare with people who you really know in your waking life.
For the sudden shift to being with your husband and having a baby boy would normally be perceived as a psychological consequence of what you were dealing with that is depicted symbolically in the first scene--even though on the surface there doesn't seem to be any connection between scene one and scene two. For scene 2 I need to ask you what reality you have related to the unusually beautiful baby boy , since that boy could be a part of you (symbolic), and/or also a symbol of your relationship with your husband. How is this baby boy Similar to and Different from any baby you have had.
What is your age, the age of your marriage, and did you have any relationship before marriage that might bear some resemblance to the dramatic scene of two male suspects in the murder of a woman friend of yours?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I didn't actually know these "friends" at all in waking life, they didn't look familiar to me but in my dream I considered them my friends. I only seen the boyfriend once in the dream who confirmed with me his signature was forged.
We don't actually have any children in waking life, we have been on and off again trying for several years and have recently spoken about it again. Im not even sure what made the baby so usually beautiful. He just seemed perfect and in my head when I woke I just remember thinking he was beautiful.
I am 24 years old and my husband and I have been married for 3 years in December this year. I have not had any previous relationships that come to mind. The friend that I suspected of killing my other friend was also female.
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 2 years ago.
This is a very interesting dream, because the connections don't make any sense on the surface, so we have to dig below the surface to find how they are symbolic. There are always two normal levels for dream interpretation, one with the characters representing people in your waking life and the other with the characters representing subpersonalities of yourself. And sometimes Both levels are useful.
Perhaps you have actually had a previous friendship with another young woman who was your most important love relationship--as a friendship, not a romance, since both young men and young women are very likely to have their first young adult intimacy with a same sex friend, because her (in your case) ways are more comfortable and compatible for intimacy than those of the opposite sex, who would be more exciting, but is initially more uncomfortable and scary. But if you did NOT have that initial intimate friendship before you were ready to connect with the man you married, then your unknown murdered friend is more likely to represent a part of yourself.
So before I go too far in considering what this confusion about who the murderer really was, it would be wise to search for what event(s) or thought(s) in your recent waking life you can imagine might have triggered the dream. As I sketch out some of what seems to be happening with what I know about you and your life so far, as well as my 5+ decades of experience with dream symbolism, please write any ideas about yourself and your life that pop into your mind.
Now let us approach the dream as a classical dream-drama in two acts: Act/Scene I presents the exposition of the life problem that something in your waking life has brought up to deal with; and Act/Scene II represents the outcome of your unconscious mind's effort to make progress, with some guidance from a higher-than-ego Dream-Director. If there were ANY shreds of other scenes between the first and the second, they would show more developmental efforts toward moving on beyond the situation depicted in the opening Act.
We have a hospital in both Acts. Your girl friend has been murdered and "they" say it's her boyfriend (is that the "crowd" or "the family" or "the peer group?" Which feels more likely, or something else?). The Grecoroman myth of Cupid and Psyche might fit here,in which the girlfriend is the beautiful youngest daughter Psyche who will be ritualistically murdered when she is given to a young man for marriage--symbolically murdered because she will die as a maiden, to be reborn as a new wife. Many mothers don't like losing their daughter to a boyfriend, esp if she's been their closest confidante. So having her turn away from mom and towards her boyfriend brings about the symbolic death of the mother-daughter relationship.
But your dream-ego doesn't accept this attribution of intent-2-kill the girl to her(or-your) boyfriend. You become INVESTIGATOR who discovers his FORGED sicnature--on what? a death certificate? Question (because your associations are worth much more than mine:) WHAT CAN YOU IMAGINE HIS SIGNATURE WAS DOING/ON?
You DO have a middle DEVELOPMENT scene: "I was starting to suspect it was my other friend (female) who did it and framed him." And this double-thought scene psycho-logically CAUSES the sudden shift to "at home with . . . " So YOUR dawning investigational-suspicion is that it was another woman actually killed her (or the "maiden/daughter" female-in-you) and tried to blame it on the boyfriend.
(I'll make up a story of what that means, so you can CORRECT ME WHERE I'M WRONG by substituting what makes more psychological sense to you:) Perhaps your mother (or sister) expected&feared that a boyfriend would "kill" (that is break into & break up) your relationship with her (or would kill your maidenhood). But she (mother or sister) actually ruined her priority-love-relationship with you herself by turning out to be an inadequate ("not-good-enough") or untrustworthy mother/sister/best-friend; or YOU yourself uncovered her defective m/s/fr love through your intense scrutiny.
So the psycho-logical result of your quest to discover and understand what was going on in this female-centered relationship was to completely transform your home (and hence family-of-origin life) into the ideally beautiful new baby-relationship with your husband: As an imaginary story that's equivalent to bailing out from your family-of-origin and replacing it with your marriage. The ideally beautiful boy-child is possibly the promise of a very rewarding child, but more immediately also the image of how GOOD your partnership feels. And it might ALSO feel so ideally good because it's repairing-by-replacing the wounding (or at worst "murderous") aspects of your family-of-origin dynamics. [Again, correct this family- vs dream-dynamics story according to your own perspective on your family.]

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