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Dr.RossiD, Licensed Psychotherapist
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i dreamed of an apple tree, with a lot of red shiny big apples

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i dreamed of an apple tree, with a lot of red shiny big apples on it, i tried to pick one but i could not because there were prickles on the tree and i was afraid to toach prickles and could not pick the apple. like the apples were protected. at the same time i had a feeling that i had already had a bite of an apple which was not from the tree but looked exactly the same, and i wanted to pick more from the tree because i thought the apple i had was too nice and sweet, but as i said i could not pick any from the tree because of the prickles. i was thinking of approaching the apple on the tree from the other side to avoid prickles but my dream ended.

Hi, I'm a Moderator for this topic. I've been working hard to find a Professional to assist you right away, but sometimes finding the right Professional can take a little longer than expected.

I wonder whether you're ok with continuing to wait for an answer. If you are, please let me know and I will continue my search. If not, feel free to let me know and I will cancel this question for you. Thank you!

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes i am ok to wait. i want a very detailed and professional answer. i will wait. take your time.


many thanks

Thank you for your continued patience. We will continue the search for a Professional for you.

I see that you were waiting for an interpretation of your dream.

This dream can be viewed from different perspectives.
In the first one, the apple may represent something that you want and yet are forbidden or hindered from getting. Yet, in the past, you have been able to get the desired result/object/person. As a result of it, you are drawn to a similar scenario at the present time. But, for some reason, your mind is cautioning you not to do it (signified by the prickles). It is as though, the apple is symbolic of the "forbidden fruit."

From another perspective used in Gestalt psychology, each object in the dream would be seen as a representation of a part of you-the dreamer. Thus, the apple can be a representation of your core values that are being tested (signified by the prickles) It is as though, your Id desires one thing but your Ego is pulling you in another direction. Thinking about approaching the tree from a different angle hints at your problem solving ability at work. Perhaps there is a way to gain something (signified by the apple), without getting hurt (signified by the prickles) Whether it is an emotional or literal gain of sorts, a solution is needed.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

many thanks for your interpretation. i am not good with understanding these things. i want toprovide you with some more information which is related to my real life and want to know if there is a link between my dream and the reality from your point of view, and if there is a link what does my dream imply.


the reality is that i met a girl a few month ago and we started seeing each other although she warned me that this relationship was gonna finish after 2 months as she wanted to go back to her country for ever.


finally the time arrived and she left me. i tried forgetting her for a few weeks but i coud not. i realized that i love her. i contacted her and insisted to keep the relationship. she agreed first and i even bought a flight ticket for her to come back in october for a visit. the flight is in two weeks.


2-3 weeks ago she broke up with me. i tried to stop her and i told her that i love her. but she said she could not feel the same and she would not come back to visit me and said goodbye for ever.


i have been devestated since. i had this dream a week ago while i was thinking of her before falling sleep as ususal. do u think there is any link between my dream and what happened to me and if there is a link what is it?



many thanks

Thank you for the additional info. Yes, it helps as the mind during sleep is still dealing with things that need resolution.
From this angle, the apple can signify your girlfriend. You want her but the pricks (circumstances) prevent you from being with her.
The sensation in the dream that you've had this apple before, can relate to the fact that you were seeing each other before she left to go to her country. The dream then would be indicating your dilemma at the present time. In your dream, you were looking for a way to get to the apple tree and not get pricked (hurt). The dream could be showing you that perhaps you could think of a way for things to work out. Has she ever mentioned you going over to where is at rather than her coming back?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes after i got her a ticket, she said she could not come as she was busy. i said i would go there once a month to see her. she said ok but after a few days when i asked her to send an invitation for me for visa purposes she said again that she dont want this relationship because of the long distance. i insisted again and she said she will sort out the invitation. after a few days she sent an email for me saying she does not feel the same for me and she just liked me nothing more. and she asked me not to contact her anymore and she said we would never see each other again and she wanted a new life.


i did not contact her anymore as she said goodbye for ever. but her ticket is in 2 weeks and i am pretty sure she is not coming back.


there is no way i cant get her back. i tried every thing.


i think this dream is a confirmation to this fact.


what do you think?

It is since you woke up before you found a way to the apples.
That is too bad that the distance is causing this situation. Long distance relationships can be difficult. Perhaps she's concerned about that and afraid of getting hurt. You've done right to honor her wishes.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

so u r saying that the dream implies that i have to forget her and there is no way to get her back, is that right?

The dream only reflects what is going on with you emotionally and mentally because of the break up. Whether you forget her or not, is a personal choice depending on how long you can stand the pain.
The dream is not a prediction of whether or not she's coming back. It is only reflecting the present situation.
If she's asked not to be contacted and you're honoring that wish of hers, that is the gentleman thing to do right now.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

many thanks


i had another dream about 7-8 month ago.

can i discuss this one with u as well?

i will pay for it if needed

You can. Please post it under a new thread. You can write for Dr.Rossi at the start of the post so I can see it in the queue.
Dr.RossiD, Licensed Psychotherapist
Satisfied Customers: 4627
Experience: Certified Hypnotherapist
Dr.RossiD and other Dream Interpretation Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i put another £11 for deposit and requested my dream to be posted to you.

i am not sure if it is gonna be posted to you, but i want you to interpret my dream please.


here is the dream:


a couple of months before i met this girl, i had a dream about a pigeon. i was sitting in the nature and suddenly a white beatiful pigeon flied to me and sat on my hand. i was happy and surprise to see that a pigeon sat on my hand without any need to catch it. after a short while the pigeon flew away from me and i was upset. i was saying to myself that i am so unlucky that the pigeon which came to me itself left me. i was sad for a while and suddenly i saw a pigeon flying past me. i looked back and my mother and sister were there and the pigeon was between us. my mother and sister were so happy because of the pigeon but the pigeon was darker and bigger than the pigeon i had seen before. in the dream i was trying to work out if this pigeon is the first pigeon. but was not as beautiful and as white as the first one. suddenly i started to shout happily saying to my mum ' mom u see the pigeon is back, yea it is the very pigeon i saw first'. but i remember even after this statement i made in my dream, i was not still sure if this pigeon is the first one. my mom and sister were happy but i was in doubt and my dream finished


I was replying to you in the other post.

Hi again,

The pigeon could be seen as a messenger. When you first encounter it, it comes to you freely and it also freely takes off. For some reason, you feel "unlucky" when it left. For some reason, you thought that it would stay. But it is a free bird, it goes as it wishes. This part of the dream also points to impermanence and that everything is temporary. One must not hold onto certain things/ideas to the point of becoming unhappy.

You realize that the second pigeon that arrives is not the same one.
Yet, your mother and sister appear happy and as a result of their reaction, you too rejoice. However, you don't find this one as attractive as the other one. You see it as darker in color and larger in size. The message may be- don't rely only on what you perceive with your five senses and look beyond. A part of you in the second scene of the dream believes that the pigeon may be the same and another part does not. That could be based on your expectations. Hypothetically speaking, the pigeon may have gotten dirty and had grown larger b/w the time it left and came back.