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Dr Fee
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I had an intense vaginal bleeding dream last night - Iv had

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I had an intense vaginal bleeding dream last night - I'v had them before but not like this . . .blood kept gushing down my legs and clothes - I had to change several times - each time 'forgetting' to use any pads or tampons . . . . I was more annoyed than upset though I kept thinking something has got to be wrong and that I should call my doctor, but my attitude was more matter of fact than hysteria. I stopped having periods about 6-7 years ago. Help!

Hello! Please remember that the elements of dreams are symbols that our unconscious minds use to communicate to us what is going on that we might not be so aware of. Often we are trying to work out conflicts from real life during our dreams.

Typically bleeding can mean emotional exhaustion, and to bleed profusely like you are describing can signify deep emotional distress. However, the fact that you were only annoyed and kind of "matter of fact," is significant.

Could it be --that you have been facing a situation that has been difficult to find a resolution to, has been emotionally draining but you are kind of "emotionally done" with it --even though you might think that you "should" address it further?

Let me know if this makes sense. If it doesn't, then tell me why and perhaps we can find a different direction to go. The fact that you don't have periods anymore is actually important, it means that the dream has nothing to do with your real cycle (it's common for women to dream about bleeding while pregnant or before their real periods) --and means something else.

I look forward to following up with you!
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