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dreamsspeak, Consultant
Category: Dream Interpretation
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Experience:  Dream analysis focusing on dreams power to transform our lives and our growth
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i had a dream when i was giving someone money in the dream

Customer Question

i had a dream when i was giving someone money in the dream what does that mean?

secondly i dreamt that i saw money on the ground and i pick it what does that mean
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  dreamsspeak replied 5 years ago.
I am happy to help you with your dreams, You had a dream where you were giving someone money, In the second dream you saw money on the ground and picked it up, Giving money in a dream represents giving love and looking for love.
To find money on the ground and pick it up represents your quest for love and power. Money is a powerful symbol and giving money, a generous act in a dream, is an offer of love and a journey of looking for love, I'll let you determine what that love may be. Finding money on the ground (the opposite of giving) is also about your journey. A journey of giving and receiving - the flow of money works best if it is in the flow of giving and receiving. Feel free to ask me any questions.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
again i saw my self sell my stuff i have to the place i bought them before, i bought a jewellries from freind and i went back again to sell it to him in cheap high price, and that peson give me the money in my dream which i dont know of collecting money from someone you sold your things to. i dont know what tha means.secondly i saw my self walking with my junior one in a narrow road when i saw 2 ladys run from this narrow road as i saw the i turn my face down with mybrother wish i told him dont look to there face so little while as they pass we were walking again as we were walking a voice came out from the bush say which should not walk forward we should go back that the place is a holy ground, so we say ok as we were going he say again we should wait but were afraid and runing for our life and ther we were like see soemthing coming from the bush like an electric shook come up on us our body we get shooking anytime that something touch us from there i wake up, that voice i dont kw which voice was that that was specking from the bush.
Expert:  dreamsspeak replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for your information. In your dream you were selling your stuff (giving money), You bought jewelry (giving money). You were given money, then collecting money. This is again all about the journey of giving and receiving and your understanding of owning your power,
Secondly the voice coming out of the bush telling you to go back (like the voice of God), do not walk on Holy Ground. The electric shock from the bush represents the anger and fear, I'll let you figure out what you are angry and afraid of.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
again i saw a freind which of course i know, i saw him killing someone in my present then trying to cook it and eat so people in the house dont know what was inside the pot is only know that was not meat in was trying to cook in the pot it was human parts, so my freind close was in that place so i was afraid that if i tell my freind what was inside that pt the other guy my hit me so i kept quiet then i was looking at my freind unfortulately my freind said he want t go home from there me i said too i want to go because i want to let my freind know what was happening as we were going on the way out this guy was following us to were we are going and we arrive at the feild were the children was playing so the left and went back home from there on the corner of te field i saw a vulture a big vulture right coming out from the bush so i was scare of what is going to happen so as the vulture was telling us to clean the way for him a voice like my mother behinde just say we are coimg from the house of God and this plae is our home we dont have were to go and then the vulture just change to human and just amachine bike from nowere appear and he drove with the bike and let us i was scare and i woke up from that place, i dont understand the meaning of the dream
Expert:  dreamsspeak replied 5 years ago.

Thank for for your information. In this dream, the major elements are your friend killing, eating the body parts, the vulture coming out of the bush, turning into the bike. It is my theory the dream is a continous warning in different forms. You appear to be in fear most of the time and expecting God to speak to you again. It seems to be a time of uncertainty.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.



not that iam afraid iam just be someone that look to things and imaging what is this and that iam not afraid but somehow some one need to be carefull.


i want to ask a question is all the dreams real or just for an imagination or something like that. i belive if you are lonely you always come across all this things that the devil we come and put fear in you if you dontstand well. i need prays to back it up.because since 1week now i have be dreaming bad dreams all time i dont know why,like yesterday i saw people killing there self around me and i was wathcing them people kiling each other just like that but no one come near me so i wake up i dont know what that mean iam just confused in all this dream today this and tommrow that all i know i need to have courage to move on with things of the world.

Expert:  dreamsspeak replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for the information. Dreams are a message from your unconscious mind. In this case it sounds like you are feeling upset or angry. Consider talking to a counselor at your church to get some help
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