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I had a very vivid dream that my husband who has passed away

Resolved Question:

I had a very vivid dream that my husband who has passed away 2 years ago was driving down a road that was under construction as to where the pavement had been removed to repave. I was following him with my kids in the truck and he was driving a black durango ( he actually owned a red durango) my daughter has a black durango. and the road ahead looked like water was covering a section of the road all the way across but you could see the road on the other side of the water. His truck started to drive through the water and went nose first into a hole I could no longer see his truck, and then it popped back up. I put my truck in park and ran to rescue him went to a big hole on the side of the road and seen him floating through( it was like a man hole ) I braced myself on the side of the hole and was reaching down to grab him and just caught his fingers, we locked fingers and i pulled him out. His hands looked dirty but I dont remember his face looking different. We had him cremated and he is here on top of my cabinets.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Dr.RossiD replied 5 years ago.



One way to look at the dream is from its emotional and psychological standpoint. In your dream, there is a sense of catastrophe (him driving and having a mishap that ultimately leads to going down into the hole) The change of scenes from him driving to having the accident to going down show the inevitable that comes as a result of outside influences over which we do not always have control. The man hole may be look from its symbolic angle to be associated with the Netherworld or in ancient Greek mythology Hades where those who leave the physical dimension went to. Then, in your dream you also reach out and are able to pull him out can be because a part of you (emotionally is still not ready to let go and is still grieving over his departure)

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