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I have been having a nightmare two nights in a row where I

Resolved Question:

I have been having a nightmare two nights in a row where I am in a situation where the lights do not turn on or burn out immediatly after turning on. The first night it was in a strange place the second night it was a very real situation and in fact the same set up in my room and involved my children who were sleeping with me. I am terrified as I always feel some sort of evil presence in these dreams as well
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Dr.RossiD replied 5 years ago.



To make the most sense of the dreams, it helps to connect them to your life at the moment. In dreams, external objects of people are not always external bur can rather represent certain parts of the dreamer's mind.

Repetitive dreams often reappear as a way to get the dreamer's attention and to lead to a solution to an issue.


In your dream, you find yourself where the lights do not serve their function. They also burn out. The light may be representative of a situation that you've been dealing with where you need more information in order to proceed/move on. Hence in the dream the lights do not turn on (lights here being representative of the information= as in to shed light onto things) The lights burning out can represent the fact that you may have already invested a lot of energy into this issue/situation and feel emotionally or mentally burned out yourself. A question to ask yourself then would be- what have I been dealing with most recently that had exhausted me and had still left me somewhat stuck at the moment? If the children were present in the dream, it may hint that this situation/issue in a way is also concerning them or their life at this time. If they were asleep in the dream, it shows that they are not really fully aware of what is it that you're dealing with. The dream is you own (not external evil) and it comes back to you to help you sort out whatever it is causing you anxiety or discomfort when you're awake in your life. You can use the dream(s) as a tool rather than fear it. Another question to ask yourself would be- are these dreams telling me?



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
What I need to understand is why I feel such a strong evil presence, it never attacks me, nor have I seen it , but I am aware it is the reason that my lights have shut off.

Last night the dream I had was so very real. Both of my kids were sleeping just as they were in my bed, and my younger one awoke to ask for water ( this is very common) she proceeded to drink the rest of my water by the bed side table ( which is also very common), then my older daughter asks for some I explain she needs to go to the kitchen to get some. She gets up and walks towards kitchen when the light that I keep on in the kitchen goes out and I can see here freeze and look frightned. I call for her quickly to come to bed because I can feel the evil presence is back. She starts to come back and by bedside table goes out. I pick up the phone to dial 9-1-1 but my phone is acting funny. I am in complete darkness and I am well aware now that this is a supernatural presence vs a human, which at this point I am aware I cannot protect me and my children. I begin to pray and I awake.

I am afraid that I have had this dream two nights in a row. I wake up and feel odd as though someone or something is watching me and this is the very reason I have had my kids sleeping with me 1. they bring me comfort 2. I can protect them if they are close to me and not upstairs. I am not sure what more this dream represents with the evil?
Expert:  Dr.RossiD replied 5 years ago.

If you feel that this is an external presence, it may be your mind picking up negative energy from other sources in your environment. To feel that something evil can also be something such as other people's negativity that you're registering (it does not have to be a demonic or evil presence from a supernatural source)

This may be as as a result of other's thought forms can cause this sort of a reaction if you're sensitive to the energies in your environment. The energy is as real as anything else. The fact that you perceive it strongly may indicate that you're uncomfortable with this because it evokes not only a sense of fear but also of helplessness. Yet, you can in fact protect yourself and the children by redirecting your own thoughts and subsequent emotions to something positive. In this way it neutralizes the fear meaning the more you focus on the negative, you'd attract more negative. When you on the other hand focus on the positive it counteracts the negative. This negative "presence" can signigy an obstacle, a person or the actual thought forms from another you're dealing with.




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