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Wisdom Of Dreams
Wisdom Of Dreams, Dream Interpreter
Category: Dream Interpretation
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Experience:  3+ years experience; member IASD Dream Study Org
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Group of women naked, one womans anus is wide open with spiders

Resolved Question:

Group of women naked, one womans anus is wide open with spiders web inside, sider is just outside but another woman is blowing on it to make it go inside & I turn away revolted
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Wisdom Of Dreams replied 6 years ago.

Wisdom Of Dreams :

Hello, I am happy to help with this dream. The emotions you feel in dreams are the biggest key to their meaning. So, the fact that you turned away revolted in the dream means that there is something in your life that is revolting to you right now. Your mind is trying to process the emotion so it conjurs up some symbollic image for you to use to process your feelings, which is the dream. The symbolism of a group of naked women has to do with feeling exposed or vulnerable. In some part of your life, you are feeling exposed. The woman's anus that is open wide is about embarrassment. Waste or making waste in a dream is about releasing negativity in life. But there are spiderwebs inside and a spider on the outside. This indicates to me that the anus is innactive and has been for some time. The other woman is blowing trying to make the spider go back inside, which is symbollic of trying to repress something. Trying to make the spider go back into the anus where it does not belong is a way of avoiding dealing with the spider. It suggests that there is something negative in your life right now that you are avoiding dealing with possibly because it embarrasses you. Dealing with the issue in waking life is the best way to deal with this dream. I hope this has proven insightful. Please let me know if you have qeustions or details to discuss further. Thank you.

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