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Sally G.
Sally G., Animal Behaviorist
Category: Dog Training
Satisfied Customers: 9640
Experience:  Service /assistance dog trainer,Therapy dog evaluator and trainer, AKC evaluator, pet first aide and member of PAS Animal Response Team.
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I just adopted an 8 month old German Shepherd dog. He has

Customer Question

I just adopted an 8 month old German Shepherd dog. He has been on a farm but is calm in the house. I am at work for 8 hours a day but I could take him with me so we could go to the dog park over my lunch hour and maybe for short runs another time or two during the day. He will be in my SUV during the other times however. I can check on him often. On days he has to stay alone someone will come by and let him out to pee once a day. Do you think trying to take him most days is a good idea until it gets really cold. Also this dog has never even seen a crate so I plan to leave toys and give him the run of the house. His previous owner says he is content in the house alone, he gave him up because he chased his goats. Suggestions!
JA: I'll do all I can to help. Strange behavior is often perplexing. I'm sure the Veterinarian can help you. What is the dog's name?
Customer: Rebus, after the Ian Rankin character in books.
JA: Is there anything else the Veterinarian should be aware of about Ian Rankin?
Customer: Not about Rankin, he is a human. Rebus, the dog will have 5 days in which I am with him full time before I return to work.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Dog Training
Expert:  Sally G. replied 10 months ago.

Hello and welcome. This is just a short note to introduce myself or to request needed information for your problem. My name is ***** ***** I have been in the dog field for 25 years. I am a Therapy Dog & AKC Evaluator/trainer/ as well as an assistance/service dog trainer, specializing in behavior. It will be my pleasure to help you today. It may take a few minutes for me to type a personal response or type questions regarding your situation. Your patience is very much appreciated.

Being in a car is not an ideal environment for a dog . Things happen outside that vary from day to day when you park your car. This could lead to behaviors you won't be able to stop later down the road.

You will also likely get some backlash from the general public which will report it as animal cruelty.

Weather changes, in the cold weather (not just winter) the car is like a refrigerator holding in the cold and in warmer weather 70 degrees, the car can act like an oven.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
the dog is better off at home alone? I leave in a very rural place where dogs are in the back of pick up trucks everywhere. 'My car would be in a secure parking lot and of course I wouldn't take him when it was cold. Still
Not a good idea?
Expert:  Sally G. replied 10 months ago.

Yes, your dog is better off alone at home. The environment is safe and does not change as it would around your car. Please remember just because others do it , it does not make it right and you really don't know what behaviors or ailments their dogs have had.

At home you can play calming music , Amazon has a CD called Through a Dog's Ear,

you can leave dog puzzles to keep him occupied , but mostly he will just sleep as most dogs do.

You can hire someone to let him out or walk him once around the lunch hour if you are worried about outings.

Expert:  Sally G. replied 10 months ago.
Hi Jill,

I'm just following up on our conversation about your pet. How is everything going?

Sally G.