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Pawsitivtrainr, Dog Trainer
Category: Dog Training
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We adopted a 3 yr old male Rhodesian Ridgeback from a rescue

Customer Question

We adopted a 3 yr old male Rhodesian Ridgeback from a rescue group. He is sensitive and not at all dominant and has become very attached to our family. In foster care he was with his brother, whom he followed and whose behavior he patterned. All good. When his brother was adopted he started jumping his foster mom's fence following after another dog. We were aware of this so worked very closely with him outdoors. He still chased squirrels and put his front paws up on the fence but didn't jump over. We have had him for 5 months now and he had seemed to really settle in. Still working on his insecurity but other than that feeling good about his progress.
Now my husband and daughter volunteered at a well know animal sanctuary and came home with a 2 year old female lab mix. She is very sweet, seems like she'll take direction easily and is confident around people and other dogs. We introduced them slowly and there has really not been any problems with them coexisting in my house. My RR seems to steer clear of her. I think he's trying to figure out how her presence will effect our relationship. Yesterday, a couple of girls appeared on our fence (5-6 ft wood fence). The new lab ran over to the fence and he followed. Next thing I know he has almost successfully scaled our fence. Two attempts later, he was in the neighbors yard. Another attempt made today by I saw it about to happen and told him OFF and he got down. Why is he all of a sudden jumping and how can I stop it. They are both very prey driven dogs......
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dog Training
Expert:  Lisa replied 2 years ago.
Hi there. My name is ***** ***** I'm happy to help you with your question today. Just like an in person consult, I have some questions of my own to help ensure I give you the best advice possible...How long have you had the lab now?Does he try to scale the fence if he's alone in the yard?

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