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We adopted two puppies from rescue person. The mother was

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We adopted two puppies from rescue person. The mother was a stray and left the pups on teh side of the road, they were obviously born and lived outside for about 5 weeks.
The lived at the rescurer's farm (inside) for two weeks before we adopted them. We had them with us for almost three weeks. They are growing and thriving; however, we have two issues. First, potty training is AWFUL. They are 10 weeks old. We keep them in a crate at night and they have a fenced in area for approximately 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon. I will walk them on a leash watch them both pee and come inside to play. Last night I counted at least 10 times they squatted and peed on the floor in less than a hour (after having peed outside). This is a constant problem. And we are getting frustrated almost to the point that they need to be outside or in the crate. HELP!!! We want our dogs to be part of the family.

Do they have accidents in the crates?

Do they have accidents over night?

Are these large breed puppies or small?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No accidents in the crate or overnight. They are large mixed breed. Mainly retreiver, german short haired pointer and alaskan malumute and Belgions Miloinis _ - we had a DNA test done.



Thanks for getting back to me. This is going to take time, lots of patience, and consistency. Start by teaching a command for eliminating such as "go potty" or whatever you want to use, but always use the same command. Teach it by saying it right as they start to go, and then when they are done reward them with praise and small treats. Always go with them outdoors at this point so that you can always reward them.

Next, watch them closely in the house, if you notice them sniffing like they are thinking about urinating take them outside. If they start to go before you can get them out make a loud noise or clap, just something to distract them and get them to stop, and then immediately take them outside and give the command you've been teaching. Remember to praise and treat if they then eliminate.

As hard as I know it is, don't reprimand or punish them for going in the house. All this does is teach them to be apprehensive and hide (behind a chair, etc.) from you when they need to go.

Eventually, if you always do all of these things they should catch on. I would also recommend getting some enzyme cleaner for the places they've urinated because these get rid of the odor better than other cleaners, so its less likely for the puppies to want to go in the same place. Nature's Miracle is a good one.

I wish I could have had an easy quick fix for you, but there just isn't one.

If you have further questions let me know.

Best wishes,
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Do you think that it has anything to do with their mother was a stray? We do have the enzyme cleaner; so we should not leave them outside by themselves in the fenced in area until they are older?


Their first weeks could have something to do with it, though puppies don't usually learn much about house training that early in life anyway. Some just take longer to figure it out than others. Keep in mind they are still pretty young.

I do think it would be best if you always supervise them at this point so that you can reward them for going outside. If you weren't having such problems with them it wouldn't matter so much, but unfortunately you are. The quicker they figure out that going outside is a great, wonderful thing to do, the quicker they will stop going in the house.

I did want to add one thing. If either or both puppies should start to have accidents over night or in their crate(s), then I would highly recommend a visit to your vet to be sure there's no urinary tract infection or other medical problem.

Good luck,
Hi Cheryl,

I'm just following up on our conversation about your pet. How is everything going?


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