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Lisa, Certified Veterinary Technician
Category: Dog Training
Satisfied Customers: 16474
Experience:  CVT with a special interest in behavior modification through structure, boundaries and limitations with positive reinforcement.
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2 days ago we adopted a year old shih Tzu mix from the pound.

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2 days ago we adopted a year old shih Tzu mix from the pound. She is very thin and extremely timid. We have 4 other small dogs, a 13 year old poodle mix, a 3 year old poodle mix, a 2 year old mini dachshund, and a 2 year old shih Tzu mix. The 13 year old and the dachshund are males while the 3 year old poodle mix and the shih Tzu are females. All have been spayed or neutered. The dachshund we got from a friend while the other 3 were rescue dogs from shelters. The problem is the dachshund. He is very territorial. Our new dog tries to get close to him but he growls at her, and we are afraid he will try to bite her. The other 3 dogs don't really get close to our new dog but they are not aggressive. We don't know what to do about the dachshund. He hasn't attacked our new dog but he has tried to bite me. We love our new dog. she is very sweet and needs a lot of love which we are giving her but we are terrified that the dachshund will hurt her. What do we do?
Hi there. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm happy to help you with your concerns today. Just like in a real life consult, I have a few questions for clarification....

How long have you had the Doxie?

Has he ever acted like this with other dogs?

Are the dogs crate trained at all?

Does he seem to act out towards her when there's something specific going on, or just all the time?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

we got the doxie when he was a puppy and is now 2 years old. We got the 3 year old poodle mix and he would growl but never tried to bite her. He did the same thing with the shih Tzu only when we first got her. Our dogs are not crate trained. He is fine until our new dog tries to play with him. That's when he growls at her. We have to go out of town next week and are terrified of leaving them alone. We have had the 4 dogs for a year before we got our new one. I don't know if this has anything to with it or not.

Thanks for the additional information. I really appreciate it.

It actually sounds like very normal 'new dog' behavior going on. The fact that your doxie did show similar behavior when the other Shih Tzu came in tells me that he's just one of those dogs who takes some time to adjust. It's good that so far it's only been noise...that he's growling but not actively trying to attack the new dog. It's possible that your Doxie just needs a little help to deal with his anxiety of a new dog coming in.

Try a DAP collar. These are collars that are impregnated with a man-made version of the dog appeasing pheromone, which is a pheromone that nursing bitches give off to their pups to help them feel calm and secure. It's something that humans can't smell, but it has an amazing effect on dogs with anxiety and other issues. Although you can find them at your vet's can also find them online at places like and Ebay for much cheaper. Just make sure they're DAP brand, as they seem to work better than some other versions.

I can understand your concern about leaving the dogs alone while you're out of town, especially if your Doxie is still acting up, so you may want to look into keeping them separate while you're gone (maybe one of them can go stay with a friend for the time or you could use a baby gate to keep one of them in a different room).

I have no doubt that eventually things will calm down and your dogs will all get along again...but it's important to remember it's only been a couple days, and it often takes a week or two for the dogs to decide the pack will settle down eventually...I promise.
Lisa and other Dog Training Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It's been almost a week since we adopted our new dog and things seem to be working out. Our biggest problem was our doxie but he seems to have taken to her. Yesterday and today they have been playing together so we are hoping it will all work out.

I'm happy to hear that!!

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