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Dr. Bruce
Dr. Bruce, Veterinarian
Category: Dog Training
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Experience:  15 years experience as a veterinarian dealing with dogs.
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Hi, About 3 weeks ago we purchased Lyca. She is a full-blooded

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About 3 weeks ago we purchased Lyca. She is a full-blooded German Shepherd Dog from champion blood lines. My husband purchased her with the hope of training her as a personal protection dog. When we received Lyca she was wonderful. No fear, solid nerves adventurous. Everything you would hope a puppy of her age would be. Recently we noticed that she was displaying signs of fear around new people and places. We couldn't understand what had happened. Yesterday, when I got home I discovered that she had gotten sick and soiled her crate. There was runny stool everywhere. I called the housekeeper who come in on Mondays and she admitted that the dog had done so when she was there and had failed to call us and let us know. Lyca was sitting in that pool of poop for 2 hours. The housekeeper then admitted that she had been using the vacuum in the room where Lyca was in and that Lyca was very upset. Long story short I am afraid that the 4 encounters Lyca has had with the housekeeper have caused her to become fearful of new people and places. God only knows what went on when I was not there. I am extremely upset and want try and undo what ever has been done to my poor pup. Is this possible? Can I help her forget and help her return to her old seft? Or, is this now who she is. Please advise...


Welcome. I'm Dr. Bruce and I've been a veterinarian for over 12 years. I'm sorry to hear about Lyca's situation. Exactly how old is she? Has she been to your vet's office yet? Is she one that you've got into puppy classes?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Lyca is 16 weeks old. We've not since the experience yesteday but yes she has all her vaccinations and Thursay she getting her Rabies. My husband who has experience in obedience training is training her along with the local police department K9 unit (weekly)

Thanks for all that good information. It sounds like your husband has a lot of good experience and skills to help with making Lyca a very good / social / confident dog. I would have full hope that she gets back to her old confident and adventurous self! She's at an age where her body and mind are growing. Thebest ting to do is to continue to open up the world for her so she can experience and participate in as much as possible. One of the best things is puppy classes where she can meet other young, energetic dogs and their owners. These classes help to expose them to new situations / environments and interactions. Basically the more she does all this, the more confident she gets / builds up. I wouldn''t feel that the house keeper has scarred her for life. She may not like the vacuum sounds, so to help with this, I would keep her away from it as best as possible until she's more confident. You can slowly increase her exposure to that noise by having it progressively moved closer while she's be kept quiet and reassured. This girl sounds like she's got a great family and world of opportunities. Again. I feel she is not scarred for life. At this age, they are like a ball of clay waiting to be molded over time by their owners and environment into the best pet possible.
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