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My 2 year old Siberian Husky swallowed a corndog stick. So

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My 2 year old Siberian Husky swallowed a corndog stick. So far has eaten dry dogfood without a problem, but he kinda yelped just before.
JA: I'll do all I can to help. How much does the Siberian Husky weigh?
Customer: I have one of those units you put on your finger to check oxygen levels. Can it be used on a dog,?
JA: When was this? Has he thrown up since eating the corn?
Customer: He weighs about 60 lbs. He has not thrown up.
JA: What's the Siberian Husky's name?
Customer: Charlie
JA: Is there anything else the Vet should know?
Customer: He is in otherwise good health. Very activeCustomer: Chat is completed

Hello! My name is Dr. Perry and I can help to answer your question. I understand Charlie swallowed a corn dog stick. Is that a correct summary of what happened?

Customer: replied 12 days ago.
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
Right after he yelped a couple times, but stopped
Since then he has eaten dry dog food and drank water without a problem.
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
What should I look out for to know if he is having breathing issues?

I am happy to help you with this question. About how long ago did this happen?

Customer: replied 12 days ago.
About an hour

Have you observed any signs of nausea such as excessive lip licking, drooling, or multiple attempts to swallow?

Customer: replied 12 days ago.
No. Just 20 minutes he ate a couple bites of dry dogfood and swallowed without any pain.
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
I have one of those units you put on your finger to check oxygen levels. Any way to use it on A dog,?

You have a pulse oximetry unit. This can be used on dogs and it is easiest to apply it to the ear or the lip. However, this will not tell you information that will help in deciding what to do about the corn dog stick or the reason for yelping. Since there is no case of vomiting or nausea and he is eating food, then there is no consideration of an obstruction. The goal of treatment is to add fiber to the food to help bulk the stool. This will help to push the material out of the body. Metamucil or Benefiber are safe fiber options you may add to the diet. Canned pumpkin can also be given, but it has less bulking effects compared to the others. The dose to give is 3-4 tablespoons of canned pumpkin per meal. This can be given for the next 3-5 days. Monitor for vomiting and diarrhea. If he is eating and drinking normally, then there is no consideration of an obstruction.

Customer: replied 12 days ago.
Thank you

You are most welcome. Please let me know if you have any other questions. I am here to help. If you have no questions, I would appreciate very much a positive review at the top of the screen when you get time. Leaving a review does not close out your question and you can come back any time to ask additional questions. A 5-star review helps me to continue assisting other people, so your input is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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