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Second opinion] I don't know when my Chihuahua got pregnant

Customer Question

Second opinion] I don't know when my Chihuahua got pregnant and she only weighs 5 to 6 lbs and the only dog that has been around her was a collie mix that weighs like 20 lbs. They weren't left alone for more than a minute so I don't think it was him but I haven't even been around any other dogs unless the weiner dog down the street got in some how. The spca said to get her fixed now so I'm assuming that means abort them. This is also her first heat and she's 1. Anyway do you think I should do it now
Submitted: 2 months ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  DrRoyC replied 2 months ago.
Customerresponding to your questions and concerns regarding your Chihuahua.
What is her name?
If the father is the Dachshund or Collie Mix, both male dogs are bigger than 6 pounds. Your little girl is very likely going to need a C-Section, because the puppies will so Big she can't deliver them.
A high percentage of C-Sections are after hours Emergencies. They are expensive. Given the option, an elective spay will be less risk & less money.
Expert:  DrRoyC replied 2 months ago.
The sooner the spay/OHE is done the better.
Expert:  DrRoyC replied 2 months ago.
Please contact me when you would to discuss. Customer