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My friends 5 year old shiba has been getting sick after the

Customer Question

My friends 5 year old shiba has been getting sick after the past 6 months- she has been taken to the vet several times and just given antibiotics and sent home and changed food but nothing is helping. She has now crusty ears and has spreader to tail- and looks like her tip of tail is now necrotic- she is contstsntly hungry and constantly has diahrear and has lost a great deal of weight. She was given flatly for 3 months and nothing has changed. I need help because these vets can not help me and my dog is slowly deteriorating because they don't know what is wrong.
Submitted: 2 months ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Scott Perry replied 2 months ago.

Hello. My name is***** and I am a veterinarian that can answer your question. I understand that Callie has had a chronic history of diarrhea and medications with steroids, antibiotics, and multiple dog food changes have not resolved it. I hope to give you the answer, but I know I will be able to give you the proper instruction on how to find the answer to what is causing this. Callie may need some diagnostic testing to figure this out. Has the other veterinarian performed any diagnostic tests? Are you able to post the results of those? Thank you. I will be standing by.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Multiple blood test showing she is aneminic with a high white blood count
Expert:  Scott Perry replied 2 months ago.
It would be helpful to know the exact numbers and references ranges of the red and white blood cell counts. On just that information you know that Callie is showing signs of a possible infection and anemia. The red blood cells can be destroyed by the body in an autoimmune process or chronic disease. They can also be lost in hemorrhage. Those are the only reasons unless e bone marrow is simply not making them, which is a rare situation. The white blood cell count elevations give you more to work with. This can be caused by inflammation or infection. The specific details of the white blood cell count elevations will tell you the difference. If the neutrophils and monocytes are elevated then it is likely an infection and one needs to find the source. The infection could be in the blood or the urine and a culture in those two places will determine that. There is also diarrhea, which will result in protein loss, and therefore, weight loss. I am surprised to hear the total protein in the blood was normal, which is usually not the case in chronic diarrhea. Finally, an ultrasound of the abdomen will give you more information of the health of the intestines. A blood panel does not tell you that. If there is an infection or inflammation in the intestines then that can account for everything that you are seeing here.
Expert:  Scott Perry replied 2 months ago.
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