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Hilary Humm-Beatty
Hilary Humm-Beatty, Dog Veterinarian
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My old English sheep dog is eight years old a rescue dog

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my old English sheep dog is eight years old a rescue dog five days ago he stopped eating and his back legs quit working he no longer can stand or walk and I can only get him to drink half cup water every two hours no food at this point ve made him white and brown rice boiled chicken pasta a steak yogurt cottage cheese eggs pudding so far none is working he does have lime disease and multi tumors his last visit to vet was a good one a year ago he is just laying on his bed I keep changing pee pads and blankets and his spirits are good but I cant handle watching him slowly fade away I have recently had heart surgery and can not lift him is there any advice on what I can do to make him comfortable
JA: I'm sorry to hear that. This sounds like it might be serious. I'll let the Veterinarian know what's going on ASAP. Is there anything else important you think the Veterinarian should know about the sheep dog?
Customer: he has always had issues with tumors and breathing and his legs he was never that strong I rescued him from a puppy mill and tried to give him the best chance at a good life and he still wants that but at same time I see him looking at me like he wants me to let him go I don't think he is in pain but h never complains so I need to remember that so my feeling don't prolong his issues

Hi. I am Dr. Beatty and I am readking through your notes about your dog. What is his name?

I know you are really worried about your sweet companion. It sounds like he has several different health issues going on and is not doing well. I also understand that you are physically limited in getting him up and around and maybe even in to his clinic. It sounds like you are doing the best you can to make him comfortable. It also sounds like you are wrestling with the decision about whether it is time to let your sweet compainion go. Goodness I am sorry that your dog is struggling so much and you are having to think about such hard choices.

First, I would recommend that you try to contact your local veterinarian. It sounds like your dog needs to be checked out. Many clinics offer house call services for situations like yours where the animal and/or the owner have limitations in their ability to physically get to the clinic. If your vet doesn't offer this they may be able to recommend a clinic that does. It really sounds like your dog should be checked out within the next 12-24 hours at the latest or at a minimum just touching base with your vet so they know what is going on with him.

Second, it is really hard to consider when it may be time to euthanize an animal. It is extremely hard to separate out our feelings and think objectively about a companion who has given us so much joy and unconditional love for so many years. One thing I think is helpful to contemplate is looking at his quality of life over several days to a week or more rather than just a single day in time. Often our dogs have good days and bad days. It seems one day that they are doing horribly and the next day they may perk up and feel so much better. That makes the decision even more complicated because no one wants to euthanize their dog and then wonder if they did it too soon. Conversely, no one wants to think that they waited too long and that their pet suffered. In looking at quality of life over days to a week or more you can assess whether he is having more good days than bad days. If over several days to a week you can say that he has had more bad days than good, then it might be time to let him go. However, if over that period of time he has more good days than bad then it is likely not time to let him go.

Of course, I also understand your physical limitations are making it really hard to give him the supportive care he needs at home. You may need to ask your vet if there is a tech or staff person that is willing to come help you get him up and around and to the bathroom, etc. However, again, it really sounds like he needs an exam to help you get a clear picture of whether additional treatments exist to help him improve or not.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out. I am happy to help further if I can. If I have offered you positive help today I would appreciate a positive rating as it is good feedback for me and for other clients as they look to me for help. Thank you for your time. All they best to you and your sweet dog during this very hard and emotional time. Dr. Beatty

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Remmington is my babies name ..thank you for your response we have a regular vet and they suggest putting him through surgery to remove tumors and look at his progress as far as his arthritis but with lime disease and other tumors throughout his entire body feeling the way he is I can't imagine having him go through that much pain anymore and knowing how ill he has been I've lost my confidence in my vet and the fact that she doesn't make house calls makes it hard to help your animals in time of basically I've been told the same answers I've heard from multiple vets this last week..i'm concerned about his comfort level I don't want him to suffer in any manner he deserves so much better than there a pill of sorts I can get to help if he needs it that's what I'm not sure about or do I just keep giving him water it is such a hard thing to watch him just lay there still trying to smile up at me.
Are you thinking of a pill for pain? Is Remington on any meds right now?
Hilary Humm-Beatty and 5 other Dog Veterinary Specialists are ready to help you
If you need someone to make a house call I would explain that to your clinic and ask for his records to be sent to a clinic that will do housecalls. You shouldn't feel bad about that at all!! He's your baby and you are certainly entitled to change his caregiver to one that can meet not only his needs but yours too!!
There are medications that you can give him for pain BUT nothing that you have at home and nothing over the counter. But there are very good arthritis medications for dogs and it might be well worth trying him on something like that to see if it makes him feel better.
There's always the BEST treatment option for our pets and that's what we as vets would like to offer our clients and our patients. Then there's a whole list of other options which might not be the best but might be the compromise that we can all live with that helps our patient feel better and is what our client can afford and what are client is willing and able to do. No veterinarian wants to see an animal not get help or suffer because our client can't do the BEST option we have recommended. You should be able to have an open conversation with the vet you choose for Remington about ALL your options and then move forward with a plan and agree to a time frame that you will try the plan and then assess how he's doing.
I would certainly hate to euthanize an animal if there are other options we haven't tried that would be a better fit for my client.

Hi! I am just checking in on you and Remington. I hope you are both doing ok.

If you found my assistance helpful, would you please take a moment to "ACCEPT" my response and "RATE" my help. This is valuable feedback for me and for other clients as they are looking to me for assistance. Have a good day! Dr. Beatty

I'm just following up on our conversation about your pet. How is everything going?
Hilary Humm-Beatty

Thank your for the accept and the five star rating. I appreciat your feedback. I hope Remington is doing ok! Dr. Beatty