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My boyfriend has a beagle, he is probably 12. He has tons of

Customer Question

My boyfriend has a beagle, he is probably 12. He has tons of puppy left in him. I think he is sick. He is still eating like he always does a hoover vacuume. He has some small fatty looking lumps they aren't really getting bigger over the past 6 months, they don't cause any discomfort to him. He does have a bulky lump growing just above his left hip, so if you look down on his back you can see a lump before the leg starts. Again no discomfort or pain, or restriction. I notice it getting larger. He also has CHRONIC ear infection of dark brown/black sludge I assume a yeast infection. I clean it twice a week and wipe it down regularly. He has a glossy foggy eyes but seems to see just fine. He is a food thief, so he has been known to steal a loaf of bread and eat it or a bag of banana. I don't know what we should do with him? He is getting older and seems to be pain free and still a puppy running around. I cant see my BF spending $600 to get him diagnosed, biopsied, etc. Is there anything we should be worrying about? or looking for I never want the little guy to be in pain or anything.
Thanks in advance for any advise.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Bruce replied 10 months ago.

Hi. My name is***** Thank you for your question about this older guy. What is his name? I'm going to be honest and say of the things that you're describing, the ear situation is most likely the one issue that is causing the most discomfort for him that can be dealt with the best through his vet. The ear could have a yeast, bacteria or a combination of the two infection. A lot of times this can be easily diagnosed with an ear cytology and then effectively treated with a daily cleaning with a special cleaner and a daily topical medication. This can help to get the ear infection resolved and most likely make him feel better. The chronic ear infections are persistent sources of discomfort and can lead to ear hematoma and closure of the ear canals. As far as the eyes, most likely this is an age related lens change that has no treatment for it. The exam with the vet can confirm that most likely with no specific testing. As far as the these bumps / lumps, they can be aspirated very simply to see if they are lipoma like issues - benign growths of fat or if they are something more.