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Dr. Amanda
Dr. Amanda, Dog Veterinarian
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My dachshund is 6 years old. She stays in her kennel while I

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My dachshund is 6 years old. She stays in her kennel while I am at work. Last night when I let her out she would not move, It is like she cant walk on her front legs. Today the same thing. What could be wrong?


My name is***** and I am sorry to hear that your dog is having such trouble walking. Can she move her back legs? Is it only the front ones that are not working? Is she eating and drinking? Does she have a fever?

Please let me know the answers to these questions so I can help you further,

Dr. Amanda

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
She can move her back legs. She has no fever. And will only eat if I hand feed her while laying down. Wont ever get up to go potty.

Okay, so the front legs are not working?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.

Okay. So the first thing that comes to mind is that she may have blown a disk in her neck area. This is very common in dashchunds.

Here is a link-

Some other possibilities include cancer in the spinal column, in the neck area, a bone infection in the neck, meningitis (usually an immune system problem, not infectious). We should also consider a muscle weakness problem.

I would recommend calling your vet and getting her in to see them right away. They can perform a thorough neurologic exam and determine if she needs to see a neurologist or if she can get better with medical treatment.

Does this help? What other questions do you have?


How is your pup tonight? Is she still having trouble walking? Any other changes? Do you have any more questions?

Dr. Amanda

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
I took her to the vet today and she had other problems that was causing her body to shut down. She went to doggie heaven at 1030 today

I am so sorry to hear that your pup crossed the rainbow bridge today. You have all of my sympathies and I am sending you cyber-hugs.

With sorrow,

Dr. Amanda

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Thank you


I'm just following up on our conversation about your pet. How is everything going?
Dr. Amanda
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