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Dr. Will
Dr. Will, Dog Veterinarian
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Is it normal for a first time mama dog to have a small

Customer Question

Is it normal for a first time mama dog to have a small amount of discharge three weeks after giving birth
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Will replied 12 months ago.

Hey, congratulations on Diamond having pups!

The discharge can be very normal, and can extend even out to a month or so. Things we should be seeing to help us know this is normal lochia discharge include:

1) Diamond feeling good, nursing normally, etc..

2) The discharge should not be foul or malodorous. I mean, it will have a smell, we just don't want the smell of infection or rot that might indicate a piece of retained placenta

3) I should be gradually decreasing, although we might find we go a few days and think we're done and then suddenly have another bit of production.

The uterus is involuting or shrinking to it's original size and the placental attachment sites are healing and finishing their oozing and leaking after the placentas have detached during whelping. Sometimes this discharge can pool in little dilations of the uterus and then be released when the uterus shrinks a bit more. All normal.

So look for decreasing volume, not gross or smelly like rot, and a healthy Diamond.

Hope this helps! If I can provide more details or cover something better, please let me know.

Dr. Will

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
Thank u very much for this info. It is a relief to find this out. And a whole lot less expensive then an office call. Now I am going back to drop the answer as in sasficatory. Yup really cheap. No No no , only joking. I like cheaper but not cheap. Just an old lady that's loves wise cracking. I will try this out and hopefully I can afford to keep it. I have four little buddies and Diamond will come to live with me when her puppies are weaned. I made a deal to help her birthing and the owner is to give her to me when the puppies are weaned. He can't afford any dog even though he has two. I am his neighbor and I love diamond. Thanks again, Marilyn Gouvan
Customer: replied 12 months ago.
I meant dropping the service as UNsasficstory... Just joking.
Expert:  Dr. Will replied 12 months ago.

How cool that you could take care of her and provide for her care while she went through this. It is good to have neighbors, and you end up with a Diamond when it's done! Not so bad. I'm glad you all found each other.