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Dr. B.
Dr. B., Veterinarian
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He has had bouts of blood in his nasal discharge for about a

Customer Question

He has had bouts of blood in his nasal discharge for about a month. He was put on a round of antibiotics, that helped while he was on it, but a week after antibiotics were done, he started having pink discharge. All this is out of only one nostril. He has been on a steroid for a week and
JA: I'm sorry to hear that. What is the dog's name?
Customer: Half and today had a full blown nose bleed. Since then he has been breathing hard and fast. His name is ***** ***** will be 15 in January
JA: Is there anything else important you think the Veterinarian should know about Levi?
Customer: Other then the nose bleed and the rapid quick breath, he is acting normal. Tried to play tonight, wants to eat, been drinking, urinating fine and his stoold looks normal.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Was concerned with his breathing. Is it possible that he has blood in his lungs? I thought maybe stress but my usual remedies to calm him aren't helping.
Expert:  Dr. B. replied 10 months ago.

Hello & welcome, I am Dr. B, a licensed veterinarian & I would like to help you with your wee one today.

How old is Levi?

Has it been small volumes of blood in snotty discharge? Or pure blood?

Has he coughed up blood at all?

Did his vet do any tests?

Are his gums pink or pale/white?

Can you take a breathing rate for me (just count his breaths for 10 seconds + multiply by 6)?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Levi will be 15 in January.Small amount of blood in his snot, mainly pink snot up until Monday when he had a full nose bleed for about 4 minutes. Then back to pink snot hete and therw.This afternoon full blown nose bleed for 10 minutes, roughly. Currently a small amount of blood or pink snot. This only happens out his right nostril.He has not coughed up any blood or had it in his stool.Vet did do a variety of bloodwork and checked his stool. Round of antibiotics for 2 weeks which helped for awhile, currently on 10th day of 21 day steroids. The next stepped would be a CAT scan, but due to his age not sure we want to subject him to anesthesia.His gums are pink.Resting he has a 56 rate of breath per minute.I was mainly concerned about his breathing, because other then that and his nose bleed he is perky, is eating well, drinking water, and doing his business. He even wanted to fetch this evening but I got him to rest by my side.Is it possible to for him to inhale blood into his lungs? Perhaps this is the cause for his rapid breathing?
Expert:  Dr. B. replied 10 months ago.

Thank you,

I have to say that I am quite concerned about Levi's signs.

This blood you are seeing isn't likely to be coming from the lungs nor is he likely aspirating to back into the lungs. Instead, any post-nasal drip will likely be swallowed. So, if he hasn't black stool (a sign of blood that has been digested), we are likely seeing most of the blood he is passing when he has these nose bleeds. Therefore, his elevated respiratory rate is likely due to reduced ability to breathe through his nose or discomfort from this. As well, if the breathing changes arose with the start of the steroids, then that could actually be why we are seeing this (as panting is a common side effect for this drug).

Now if he hasn't responded to the treatments tried, then we do need to consider issues other then bacterial infection. Common causes of one sided nasal bleeding in elderly dogs are tooth root abscesses (where the infection ulcerates the bone between the nose/mouse), ulcerated polyps, fungal infections (this can be a regional issue), tumors. So, we do have some serious concerns. And while we do certainly need to take diagnostics further, you may want to speak to his vet about having an xray first. This cannot give us a 3-D picture of what is in the nose like a CT but it can be diagnostic. As well, if Levi is quite a calm dog, they may be able to get a nasal xray with just pre-medications or a light sedation instead of a full anaesthesia. Therefore, that may be a step to discuss if there are concerns about anaesthesia/CTs. Though if all his bloods are normal, then despite his age he would be a good candidate for anaesthesia. And that way once we know what is present, we can determine what can be done to help him and keep him comfortable.

Kind regards,

Dr. B.


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