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Kelly Hill
Kelly Hill, Dog Veterinarian
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Experience:  full time veterinarian at Tender Touch Veterinary Hospital
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He is not acting "like himself", he has rubbed the hair off

Customer Question

He is not acting "like himself", he has rubbed the hair off his head on the right side above his eyebrow. He rubs and rubs it on the carpet, floor etc. He whines, runs around very agitated, and tries to hide behind things like furniture. He looks around wild eyed and snaps like he is trying to catch a bug. He spends most of his time laying in his kennel. Appetite is good however.
JA: I'm sorry to hear that. Could be a lot of things that cause lethargy. The Veterinarian will know how to help the dog. What is the dog's name and age?
Customer: Louie is a five year old, neutered Papillion
JA: Is there anything else the Veterinarian should be aware of about Louie?
Customer: I had him in a month ago, just because he wasn't acting like himself- a bit growly, and just wanted to lay in his kennel. At the time He was down 1 pound, from 8 pounds when he was groomed in July. The vet ran blood work and didnt find anything other than a slight elevation in the hormone they see when a dog is under stress (cant remember the name) He gave Louie a weeks worth of pain meds, just to see if that would help, along with some canned dog food to help with his weight gain. He loved it and I am continuing to feed it to him. His appetite is good. Also his pupils look equal. (random, I know..)
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Kelly Hill replied 10 months ago.

Hi this is Dr. Hill. It is good that you have recent bloodwork that was normal. What you are describing could be caused by a few issues. The first being a skin issue. Intense pruritus can cause Louie to rub his face and act very agitated. The second is it is a possibility he is having petite mal seizures. Seizures are not always full blown, fall down and paddle episodes. they can be something as simple as fly biting. It would be ideal if you could video one of the episodes for your local veterinarian to see. In many cases, this helps me determine what is going on. How often is he having these episodes and when did they start? have you made any major changes in the household (diet, new animals, construction)? How old is your home? Any possibility of lead paint?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
We built our house 10 years ago, and there have been no changes in our household. These "episodes" come and go. Usually lasting a day or two and happen about 2 weeks apart. We first noticed a change in his behavior August 6. Took him to the vet on August 8, that's when they did The blood work. Today he has been really agitated, rubs his face in the carpet, runs around the house with a "wild look" on his face, tries to hide behind furniture, in the closet a sends up laying in the kennel. Hasn't gone outside since late this morning. His appetite is good, gobbles down soft food. When I reach my hand in the kennel he lets me pet him. We will be taking him to the vet tomorrow as soon as we can get an appointment. We will try to get some of this behavior on video.
Expert:  Kelly Hill replied 10 months ago.

Video definitely helps. I have seen some strange seizure episodes over the years. He is still within the age for onset of epilepsy. Glad you have an appointment. They may recommend you see a neurologist, if you have one in your area. Take care. Feel free to ask additional questions. If you are satisfied with my answer, then please take time to rate. You can still post on this thread after rating. Also, please post a short video, if you are able to get one.

Expert:  Kelly Hill replied 10 months ago.

I'm just following up on our conversation about your pet. How is everything going?

Kelly Hill