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Dr.  Levinson
Dr. Levinson, Dog Veterinarian
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I accidently ran over my dogs back leg, no broken bones that

Customer Question

Hi I accidently ran over my dogs back leg, no broken bones that i could feel, no major cuts, just a few abrasions from the tyre.
he does have a little fluid forming in in the lower leg i think the elbow area that went under the truck.
this doesnt seem to worry him, he is still able to jump around, doesnt hold it up and can put pressure on it. is there any concerns with this fluid.... build up and is there anything that we need to do or watch out for.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Levinson replied 10 months ago.

hi there,

this is Dr. Levinson,

I'd still get him checked out even though he doesn't LOOK like anything is wrong with him. His adrenaline could be kicked in so that he doesn't feel any pain, just yet.

the swelling could be from a crushing incident like being ran over. The fluid could be cellulitis which with time should resolve but it could also be blood pooling under the skin.

to be on the safe side i'd still get him checked out by a vet if not tonight then definitely by tomorrow morning.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
ok thankyou for your reply....
will have him checked out on monday as all vets are closed been sat, and the weekend...
much appreciated...
kind regards maraea
thanks for the advice
Expert:  Dr. Levinson replied 10 months ago.

hi there

just wondering how your pup was doing?