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My dog was caught with a block of rat poison in his mouth

Customer Question

My dog was caught with a block of rat poison in his mouth about 6 weeks ago. We rushed him to the vet who said his gums were bleeding and gave him an injection of vitamin k and kepr him for observation. Over the night his belly became covered with petechiae and the vet injected him a couple more times with vit k. The bleeding appeared to stop and the vet let us take him home with some vit k tablets and some vit b drops. He seemed to be ok for a couple of weeks then he started getting masses under his skin on his back. Acouple of them broke open and drained pinkish cre***** *****quid. I took him back to the same vet and he gave him an injection of antibiotic and a rx antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. I gave him the antibiotic for the presribed time and at first he seemed to be doing better, but now a couple of the masses have enlarged and he seems listless. I don't know whether I should take him back to the same vet because I read somewhere that antibiotics don't work with masses that appear after poisoning. I suspect the problem is stemming from an impaired immune system and I am at a loss what to do at this point. I am afraid to take him back to that vet but I don't know how to find a vet that knows much about poisoning and the after-effects. I have been feeding him meat and vegetables as treats but I am not sure what he is lacking that I can supplement his diet with. He has been licking the wounds that are open and I read that i should prevent this and get an astringent cleaner for the wounds. I can do this but what about the masses that have not broken open. Will these resolve on their own or is it imperative that I take him to a vet?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Jess K replied 11 months ago.

Hello, this is Dr. Jess. I am so sorry to hear about your experiences with your dog!

I have a feeling what is going on with his skin is not related to his ingestion of rat poison. Do you know the name/brand of the rat poison he had? Were there baits missing that he could have ingested prior to when you found him with the block of poison in his mouth?

The reason I ask this is that the kind of poison that causing blood clotting issues does not act immediately, it takes several days for symptoms to appear, so unless your pet had ingested another bait days prior to you finding him with the block of poison in his mouth, then the bleeding of his gums and the petchiae on his belly could be from a different cause. He wouldn't develop symptoms of bleeding within hours of ingesting the bait.

Also, skin lesions and masses are not seen with anticoagulant rodenticides. These are not a normal side effect.

Here is an article on rodent poisons FYI: