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My 2 month old Lab Mix puppy that we just adopted 9 days ago

Customer Question

My 2 month old Lab Mix puppy that we just adopted 9 days ago has Kennel cough. She had her wellness check on day 2 and vet said she looked fine, sounded good heart and lungs. We didn't recognize it until after her 5th day. I called the vet because she also had diarrhea with mucous/light blood tinged. They couldn't see our dog that day, but they did say that she probably did have kennel cough based on the fact she was in a kennel and now my 10yr old min pin has the bark dry cough too. They did run a fecal sample on her which came back positive for hookworms and unknown bacteria. They gave us a 1 time dose of dewormer (Dortal??) she will get a repeat in 2weeks with her vaccines. She also received amoxillin every 12 hrs. We never vaccinate our older dogs for bordatella because we never board them etc. I never thought that a puppy that was vaccinated for this would be a threat. My 16yr old dog doesn't seem to be affected yet. I am also treating them with dewormer and amoxicillin. My question is the 2 month old puppy who is on a bland diet (rice, chicken and chicken broth)her cough is not as pronounced now (ive been giving her honey and abt 2ml robitussin dm)but now has increased clear nasal drainage, watery eyes, is a little more lethargic (she is still eating and drinking maybe not as much as she first was but still is) and was having mostly rapid breathing when she slept. Now its more continuous labored breathing. She isn't wheezing or anything just you can see her thrusting her chest forward whether she is at rest, sleeping, relaxing or occasionally playing. Is the labored breathing something that I should be concerned about at this point in her diagnosis? Or is this pretty expected for kennel cough? I can send a short video of what the breathing looks like.
Also my minpin sounds horrible and I can't get him to take any liquid medicine for his throat, is there anything else I can do?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr B replied 11 months ago.

Hi this is DRB and I would be happy to help you.....both of your dogs need to go to the vet and the ideal antibiotic for kennel cough is not amoxicillin. It is Doxycycline that they need. In addition, puppies can end up with pneumonia from kennel cough so your puppy definitely needs to be looked at tomorrow at the latest....all dogs should be vaccinated for Bordetella because they can get it even without boarding.....there is not anything else you can do at home......they may also have to have low dose Prednisone to relieve their cough. Hope this helps, Sincerely, DRB

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