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Dear Doctors, We have a male desexed German Shepherd 12

Customer Question

Dear Doctors, We have a male desexed German Shepherd 12 month old. We have recently found out that he has mild hip displaysia. We have also found out that our Behavioural Vet that he has separation anxiety and severe anxiety. He is on anti anxiety tablets, long term and also short term. My two girls 29 and 26 have our dog and he has always bitey and is now attacking my girls and scaring them. At times he is an angel so we are at our wit ends as we really love him. He barks at everyone going past and is quite aggressive to strangers who now come to our home. He has been on the strong anti anxiety tabs for nearly a week - 4 tabs 2 times a day and it is supposed to be making him calmer. Can you please please please help or recommend anyone in Adelaide. We would be so eternally grateful for your help as I am the Mother of my girls and don't want them to be in danger however we love our dog Jackson. I live in Adelaide South Australia and my direct number is: 0466 156 589. Kindest Sheryl
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
My mobile number is: 0466 156589. Thank you.
Expert:  jadedangel57 replied 1 year ago.

Hi JaCustomer,

My name is ***** ***** I’ve been involved professionally with dogs in the health and behavioral fields for over 18 years. It will be my pleasure to work with you today.

In order to supply you with an informed answer, it is necessary for me to collect some additional information from you. When I receive your response or reply, it will likely take me between 30-45 minutes to type up my reply if I am still online when I receive notice that you replied. I hope you can be patient.

Are your daughters really 29 and 26?

Is your yard fenced?

Is he nipping, biting (drawing blood) or mouthing their arms and hands (not biting down)?

What have you tried so far?

Has he had any obedience training?

The more information you can supply me the better I can help.

Expert:  jadedangel57 replied 1 year ago.

I have not opted out. I am waiting on your responses.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
my daughters are 29 and 26.The yard is fenced and quite big so he has a lot of room to run around.
Biting - no drawing blood - biting at their arms and hands and grabs on.
Obedience training - 3 classes, behavioural trainer and behaviouralvetHe has mild his displaysia and severe anxiety and is on pain killers and now anti anxiety meds Some times he can be a little angel and then he decides to bite and this scares my girls.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I just noticed on my bank statement that my card has been charged $45.00 and $5.00 already. This was not supposed to be charged without a result. I do not want my card to be charged - can you cancel this immediately please - I have just called my bank to let them know. My email address is: [email protected]
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Can someone email me with this confirmed please to***@******.*** as soon as this transaction is cancelled otherwise my bank said to report to the fraud department.
Expert:  jadedangel57 replied 1 year ago.

I'll forward your request to our customer service department regarding payment. All I know about the process is that the customer is charged a deposit and when they rate the answer, the expert is compensated for their time answering. If you decide you are willing to be charged a deposit that would be used to compensate me for the answer I would provide, please let me knows and I'll give you my response. If you do, I'll need to know if he the obedience class was three series of classes or just 3 sessions and who actually did the training and how often you practice. Also knowing what symptoms he displays indicating anxiety and when he displays these would be helpful.