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Dr. Deb
Dr. Deb, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
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Experience:  I have been a practicing veterinarian for over 30 years.
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I need help fast i have a pitbull she has a major ear

Customer Question

I need help fast i have a pitbull she has a major ear infection she has been whinning for 2days her ear is hurting and our Vet is not open. Please if there is anything i can do to help her please tell me please,She is 12years old and weighs 69 lbs
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Deb replied 11 months ago.

Hello, I'm Dr. Deb and will do my best to help you today.

I'm sorry that Apple has an ear infection; I know how uncomfortable/painful this condition can be for some dogs.

There are several things you can do for her at home to see if you can resolve this problem without a vet visit.
1. Gently cleaning the ears with a product specifically designed for this purpose is a first good step; I would clean them once/day for at least 7-10 days.
You can purchase ear cleaners at most pet or grain stores. Or you can use 50/50 white vinegar and water. Bacterial and yeast don't like an acid environment which is why this solution may help but it doesn't loosen up the wax as well as an ear cleaner would do.

The use of cotton balls to gently swab out the ears is preferable to papertowels or Kleenex. The following link demonstrates how to clean a dog's ear if you were wondering:

2. Ear infections are usually secondary to either a bacterial or yeast overgrowth; you won't be able to tell which is it just by looking,....or even smelling for that matter.

If fungal (usually the material in the ear is very black and dark), then you can try over the counter Clotrimazole which is available at human pharmacies. This is not a dog product but a human one.

If bacterial (usually the material is more yellowish in color), then you can use over the counter anti-bacterial products such as you would use on a wound for yourself...neomycin, bacitracin, neosporin, for example.

Ears should be treated twice a day for 7-10 days.

3. If they appear more inflamed when you're using the products, then Apple may be having a drug reaction and the products should be discontinued.

4. As long as Apple isn't vomiting nor taking any steroids or nsaid medication, then Aspirin can be given at a dose of two, full strength, 325 mg tablets twice a day, with food avoid stomach upset. Aspirin may help with inflammation and with pain.

The following is to a link that discusses underlying causes of many ear infections and may provide additional information of interest.

I hope this helps. Deb

Expert:  Dr. Deb replied 11 months ago.

Hello again,

I'm just following up on Apple. How are things going with her ears? Deb