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My 20 lb. haired terrier is itching badly. Washed him with

Customer Question

My 20 lb. long haired terrier is itching badly. Washed him with vet prescribed Stratford shampoo. Could not see any fleas or ticks, but gave him a Nexguard tablet in case; he has never had any negative reaction to Nexguard. He is not taking any other medications. Not sure what is causing itch. Did give him several baths when he was itching and now wondering if (1) his skin is dry or (2) his skin is still inflamed because of a flea, tick or spider bite? He does eat real meat; chicken, pork and beef along with his Kibbles & Bits. Sometimes he has some sweet potatoes or green beans or squash, plain spegetti noodles etc. nothing that I know he is not supposed to have to eat. No junk, mushrooms or garlic, etc. Any ideas? How about adding vegetable oil to his diet? He is miserable
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Ellie replied 1 year ago.

I am sorry to hear that Pooch is uncomfortable. Certainly itchiness can be frustrating. It sounds like you have been pretty thorough in addressing his problem. He may have dry skin from frequent bathing so now that you know he does not have fleas you do not need to continue bathing him. It will take time for his natural oil to come back and moisturize his skin. You can also try adding a fatty acid supplement to his diet. This comes in the form of flax oil, salmon oil, vitamin E supplements or a commercially prepared supplement such as SnipTips, Derm Caps, Missing Link or Seameal. If this does not help after 6-8 weeks or if you notice that he has lesions on his skin or is missing fur, I recommend consulting with your veterinarian or seeking the advice of a veterinary dermatologist as there may be allergy issues causing his itchiness.

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Dr. Ellie