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I have a 5 pound Pomeranian that sneezes excessively. Right

Customer Question

I have a 5 pound Pomeranian that sneezes excessively. Right now we have her on a second round of antibiotics which helps a little bit, but is there anything else I can do or give her to help stop her sneezing? I know she ant keep taking these and this round is almost gone. I don't want to have to keep giving her pills and I think even with these pills you can only do so much before it no longer works. I don't feel my vet is really helping her, any ideas? I know she is miserable and to be honest I cant keep taking her to the vet, my finances wont allow it. Thank you for your opinion.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. G. replied 1 year ago.
Hello, my name is***** am a licensed veterinarian and I will try and help you as best as I can. Please allow a few minutes for me to read your responses and for me to respond back.
Expert:  Dr. G. replied 1 year ago.
I am sorry to hear your dog is having this problem. There are many things that can cause this problem. I will need a bit more information first to better help you. Has your dog had any imaging of the nose: x-rays, CT scan, endoscopy/rhinoscopy?Does your dog have any dental disease (bad breath, dental tartar, inflamed gums, etc)? Has your vet flushed the nose out under sedation and was anything found?How long as this problem been present: weeks, months, years?What has helped so far?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
he ha never had any of those things done to her. H hasn't even mentioned anything like that I don think her teeth are all that good, but he has never looked at them either. Shes been doing this fr about 8 months now. She doesn't act like her teeth bother her and she eats hard food.
Expert:  Dr. G. replied 1 year ago.
I see. The most common reason I would expect a dog her age and breed to have sneezing would be due to dental disease. Unless she is getting yearly cleanings under anesthesia, this is most likely the case. The tooth roots extend up very close to the nose, which causes inflammation in the nose (rhinitis) when the teeth are not perfect. I suspect this is the reason you are seeing the sneezing. It will improve with antibiotics, then come right back unless the teeth are cared for. Dogs will not change their eating habits even with very severe dental disease, so you can't really use that to judge things. A good dental cleaning with x-rays under anesthesia and likely multiple tooth extractions is probably what is needed here. Alternatively, what is recommended on a medicine stand point would be a CT scan and rhinoscopy, which is typically done by a specialist. You can try antihistamines such as benadryl (1mg per pound of body weight every 8 hours), but that likely won't help much in the long term. If you are not comfortable with your vet's ability to do any of this, I recommend getting a second opinion from another vet in your area.
Expert:  Dr. G. replied 1 year ago.
Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. I wish you and your dog the best. Have a great weekend!
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I will try that and thank you. If you are a woman have a nice Mother Day, but if not have a great weekend, THANKS!
Expert:  Dr. G. replied 1 year ago.
I strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction. Please feel free to reply back to me if you need any further information or if you are unsatisfied with this chat. Otherwise, please accept this answer and leave positive feedback for this conversation. Thank you very much and have a great day!
Expert:  Dr. G. replied 1 year ago.

I'm just following up on our conversation about Dora. How is everything going?

Dr. G.