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Dr. Gary
Dr. Gary, Dog Veterinarian
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Experience:  DVM, Emergency Veterinarian, BS (Physiology)
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I saw that you had previously answered some questions

Customer Question

Hello. I saw that you had previously answered some questions regarding over-eating, gastritis, pancreatitis, or possibly bloat. Well, I have an 11 month old English Bulldog of normal size & weight & health, outside of the normal bulldog issues such as heavy snoring, cherry eye, relentless hunger, and being the coolest dog on the planet, haha!
Anyway, my mom was keeping an eye on her today, and I got a text about 15.5 hours ago, saying that she had accidentally gotten into her overnight bag, and along with my parents' dog, eaten a totally full Tupperware container of food (I believe it holds about 10 cups). Knowing her, it is extremely likely that Willow ate the vast majority of the 10 or so cups, which seems like a tremendous amount? She had two giant poops and threw up large blobs twice within the first hour, moped around quite a bit, and then threw up and pooped several more times over the next 8 hours or so, but did not pee at all. I got home around 11:30pm, and since then she has pooped (more than usual, and soft), peed a lot twice, and threw up about 4 more times. She has also had terrible smelling gas rather consistently. She definitely is not herself, most certainly is experiencing pain & discomfort, but I wouldn't say she is in gut wrenching-type pain, as she is currently sleeping and also slept earlier. Her gums are currently pink (but I did not check them earlier in the day). Over the last hour or so I've read a lot about bloat, and thankfully she seems to have dodged a bullet, would you agree? On that note, however, I am not totally familiar with you think this situation could be anything more than a really bad belly ache & gas?
By the way, I should probably mention that when she was about 6 months old, she ate two pieces of an old torn rubber ball at a dog park, and they became lodged between her large intestine & colon...she was sick in a rather similar way as right now, so I took her to the vet and he performed emergency surgery and saved her life. She had a full & complete recovery as far as I am aware.
Thank you for your time & input!!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Gary replied 1 year ago.
Hello. Thanks for the question. What you're dealing with is food bloat. True bloat is where the stomach twists. That is not typically an issue with food bloat from over-eating. The stomach is too heavy to flip during these episodes. The treatment for food bloat is just time and fluids. Make sure she's drinking plenty of water, as she'll dump a lot of fluid into the gut to digest this food. Also make sure you're walking her every couple hours to keep things moving. The gas and stools are going to be stinky and voluminous! In regards ***** ***** do not give any food for 24 hours. In 24 hours, you can give ~ 1/4-1/3 of a normal meal. Do that again in 36 hours. Once you're 48 hours out, you can go back to normal feeding. It takes a long time for the stomach to empty with food bloat, so try to be patient. I know what you're going through- my stupid dog does this at least 2-3 times a year! Naughty. And they never learn. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you kindly for the speedy and thorough response. You have definitely put my mind at ease! I learned a long time ago not to trust everything on the Internet, but it never fails to totally freak me out every now and then! Good to hear that canine bloat cannot be caused by over-eating. I will continue to monitor her, get plenty of fluids, take her on walks, and limit her foods as you said.Thanks again. Have a great day!
Expert:  Dr. Gary replied 1 year ago.
Bloat is typically in older dogs as well. I never say never, but it's not something that I have ever seen after an over-eating episode. And I see bloat every week here in the ER. The typical bloat dog eats dinner normally and then bloats late at night in the 10 pm-2 am period for no known reason. When we cut them, they have partially digested food in the stomach. You're very welcome. Crack a window over there!
Expert:  Dr. Gary replied 1 year ago.
Hi Tommy,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Willow. How is everything going?

Dr. Gary