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Dr. Deb
Dr. Deb, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
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Experience:  I have been a practicing veterinarian for over 30 years.
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2 dogs at 60 lbs ate cocoa, chocolate & millk chocolate

Customer Question

2 dogs at 60 lbs ate cocoa, chocolate & millk chocolate within last 4 hours. @ 1 lb. Gave h202. No vomit. No one sick. Asking for dinner ..... both bar....
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Deb replied 1 year ago.

Hello, I'm Dr. Deb and will do my best to help you today.

I'm sorry for this concern for your dogs. Could you please clarify the following for me:

1. Does each dog weigh about 60 pounds?

2. One or both or them might have ingested a pound something with cocoa and milk chocolate in it? Any dark chocolate? Can you break down percentages of how much of each might have been present in what they ate?

3. Was the chocolate mixed with anything else or covering it (such as with certain candies) or was a pure pound of chocolate ingested?

4. And, neither one is acting any differently than they normally do? No vomiting, no trembling, no hyperexcitability?

There may be a very slight delay after I receive you answers since I'll have to type up a response to you. Thanks for your patience. Deb

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Each chocolate was @5 Oz drk choc,milk chocolate & cocoa. Male dogs, 9yo English setters. Sleeping. No thirst, no hyperactivity. Gave @15cc h202 no vomit. No hyperactivity. They are asking for dinner. No additional candy with chocolate. A Dr John message covered your answer. I am on Mobil & Web page got confusing. Please help. It has been4.5 hrs & no symptoms. VeRyan afraid
Expert:  Dr. Deb replied 1 year ago.

Thanks for the additional information but sorry for any confusion with the site.

The biggest problem in terms of toxicity would be the cocoa. Dark and milk chocolate can also cause issues but cocoa is much more concentrated and would be expected to cause the most symptoms. If one dog ingested only 5 ounces of cocoa, I'd expect that you'd be seeing significant signs by now such as vomiting, trembling, elevated heart rate, and even possibly seizure activity. Even ingestion of 1/2 that amount could cause these signs.

The fact that you haven't seen any symptoms whatsoever and it's been 4-5 hours since they possibly ate multiple kinds of chocolate (n addition to cocoa) makes me wonder if they did indeed eat this much of it.

At this point, trying to make them vomit will be unproductive since the chocolate has already been absorbed into their blood streams.

Since they're asymptomatic at this point, I'd feed them dinner as they are requesting. I don't see the value of having them seen at an ER hospital since more then likely, the advice would be to monitor them for symptoms....which is what I'd suggest that you do. Should any of the aforementioned symptoms develop, then I'd take them in.

But, to be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if they're going to be just fine. And, I say this because they're acting totally normally.

I'd love to be able to reassure 100% that they'll be ok but, unfortunately, this is a lot of chocolate for them to have eaten if

1. Indeed they did eat it all

2. Even if split 50/50 between them.


Expert:  Dr. Deb replied 1 year ago.

Hello again,

I'm just following up on your dogs. How are they doing? Deb