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How can I get my puppy to stop making in s crate??

Customer Question

How can I get my puppy to stop making in his crate??
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr B replied 1 year ago.

HI this is DRB and I would be happy to help you with this. As long as you are taking your puppy out every 2-3 hours during the day up until 11 PM at night and then rising at 6 Am to take him out in the am you are off to good start. Also make sure that you are offering him a treat after he goes outside immediately. Keep some treats in your pocket so he can be treated outside once he goes to the bathroom rather than regarding him once he is inside. Also make sure that your crate is big enough for him to stand up in comfortably and turn around in but he should not have lots of extra room as that can lead to crate soiling.

Crates basically work because the dog learns to regard it as their den and will not soil their den. But you must be doing all of the above. If you follow all my advice as mentioned above, your puppy will eventually stop this behavior. Whatever you do do not scold him for this as that can aggravate the behavior and make him think the crate is a bad place. If he has an accident just clean it up and move on.....

I hope this helps you but please feel free to let me know if you have additional questions as I check my computer every night.

Sincerely, DRB

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Expert:  Dr B replied 1 year ago.

Please let me know if you need additional help. Sincerely, DRB