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Dr. Karing
Dr. Karing, Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
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Experience:  General veterinarian with a special interest in internal medicine and emphasis on individualized care.
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Blood in her stool 2 year old dachaund/spaniel - 3rd

Customer Question

blood in her stool 2 year old dachaund/spaniel - 3rd epdisode - stool test shows no parasites.
No vomiting
eating well
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Karing replied 1 year ago.

Hi there,

I'm Dr. Karing and I would be glad to help with your question about Freydah. The blood in her stool means she has inflammation of the large intestine. There are many causes of this and most often it resolves without consequence but occasionally it represents something more serious. Since Freydah is doing well otherwise, then it is reasonable to try some simple remedies to see if the problem resolves.

If she isn't on a monthly parasite prevention product, then routine deworming is wise to rule-out parasites that aren't showing up the the stool tests. This dewormer is excellent and available over the counter for use in dogs:

I would also suggest adding fiber to Freydahs' diet. You can use Benefiber tasteless odorless powder at 1 teaspoon twice daily.

In addition, a bland diet may be helpful. You can consider baked white chicken meat and boiled white rice for 5 days or so and then gradually resume her regular diet. If the problem returns after you resume the regular food, then you may consider diet change. A good over the counter choice would be Science Diet Senitive Stomach:

If the problem still persists or if it gets worse so that there are liquid stools or other symptoms, then you should consult your vet immediately. Medications such as aspirin, stress, uncommon parasites that require special testing, food allergies, endocrine diseases like Addison's and many other problems should considered.

I hope that the information I provided has beenhelpful. Please remember to selectREPLY TO EXPERT if you have more questions or would like additionalinformation. It is my goal to provideyou with the most complete information possible prior to you leaving a feedbackrating. If you received all theinformation you needed, then kindly submit a rating.

Thank you,

Dr. Karing

Expert:  Dr. Karing replied 1 year ago.
I'm just following up on our conversation about Freydah. How is everything going?
Dr. Karing