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Dr. Loretta
Dr. Loretta, Dog Veterinarian
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I noticed tonight that my dog is acting strange and is pain.

Customer Question

I noticed tonight that my dog is acting strange and is pain. He is panting and won't leave my side. When I try to touch his front paws, he shows his teeth. I just noticed that he had thrown up his food while I was out to dinner. Since I've been home I've taken him outside a few times and he has pooped a little each time. I went out and looked at it to see if there was anything strange in it and there isn't. He is a 7 1/2 year old Beagle with allergies that has been on medication for it for about three years since I moved to Florida. He seems bloated and lethargic. When I got home, he seemed to have some trouble trying to jump up on the couch to sit next to me. He is laying down and seems to be breathing a little heavy. He seemed fine earlier today when we went for a work and hasn't got into anything he shouldn't in the house or hasn't ate anything strange outside that I know of. I don't know what to do. Besides taking him to the vet in the morning when they open is there any advice you can offer?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Loretta replied 1 year ago.

Good Morning and welcome! I am Dr. Loretta, a licensed veterinarian and I am happy to answer your question.

I am so sorry to hear about your guys condition.

Most likely your guy has suffered an injury to a disc in his back. This is very common in older beagles because of their conformation. The pain from this condition can make your guy nausious as seen by the vomiting and shallow breathing that indicates pain. Since this is deep within the vertebrae, he will not show pain when you touch or palpate these areas. This can happen when he jumps up or down on something or just moves the wrong way. The best thing you can do for now as long as your guy is eating well now, is to give him aspirin at 5 mg per pound every 12 hrs. This will decrease the inflammation that is causing his pain and start to stabilize this disc. Do not allow him to jump on or off anything or even climb stairs to allow this disc to stabilize. It is best to have your vet examine him in the morning to be sure that this is the case and that this treatment is appropriate.

Does that make sense to you?

Please let me know if you have ANY other questions. My goal is to give you 100% satisfaction and if you are not yet satisfied, please REPLY so I can clarify for you.

Sincerely, ***** *****