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Dr. Andy
Dr. Andy, Medical Director
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My 13 month old mimi-labradoodle is vomiting thick

Customer Question

Customer: ***** *****--my 13 month old mimi-labradoodle is vomiting thick bile--clear to white. she has thrown up 4-5 times in the last couple hours.
JA: Thanks. Can you give me any more details about your issue?
Customer: She does not eat people food--I did feed her beef over the past couple days and a tiny bit of quiche this morning --maybe a spoonful
JA: OK got it. Last thing — JustAnswer charges a fee (generally around $19) to post your type of question to Dog Veterinary Experts (you only pay if satisfied). There are a couple customers ahead of you. Are you willing to wait a bit?
Customer: yes--if not too long...thx
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Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Andy replied 1 year ago.


I am sorry to hear about this concern for her.

The beef can be problematic. Not the beef itself, but any other herbs, spices, etc...that are added to it can cause a bad gastritis or pancreatitis.

But, we don't know the beef is the cause. At this age, ingestion of a foreign body or some other dietary indiscretion could be the cause as well.

At this age, and with repetitive vomiting, I would strongly consider an ER vet trip now. They will very likely suggest some abdominal x-rays to rule-out foreign body ingestion.

Plus, they can give some really good medication like Cerenia, to help get that vomiting controlled quickly.

To help settle the stomach it would be okay to give a tablet of regular strength 10mg Pepcid A.C. antacid, but NOT as a replacement for an ER visit. It's not good enough.

Very sory that she is not feeling well.

Don't worry about offering food for at least 8 hours or as directed by a vet who examines her. Stomach must rest.

Hope that information helps

Dr. Andy