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Doc Sara
Doc Sara, Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
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Experience:  I am a dog and cat veterinarian with a lifetime of experience in our family veterinary hospital.
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Dog sits after a bowel movement

Customer Question

dog sits after a bowel movement
Submitted: 1 year ago via Dog-Health-Guide.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Doc Sara replied 1 year ago.

Hi there, I'm Dr. Sara. I'm a licensed veterinarian who works exclusively with dogs and cats.

Is this a new behavior or has he been doing it for a long time?

I know that he's not scooting but I do wonder if he just feels that sitting helps him remove anything that he might feel is tickling or stuck there after a bowel movement. I'd want to check his anal glands, but if you've been to a vet, I suspect that they've already done that. I've seen lots of dogs who sit (plus/minus a short little scoot) after a bowel movement and it's just their normal "thing". If he's acting normally in every other way and isn't losing weight or having any wounds or bleeding back there, and the vet(s) have given him a clean bill of health, then it's something that we're not likely to be able to explain except to say that "he likes it". Shepherds are the poster children for a disease called perianal fistulas, which cause open sores around the rectum, so I'd be sure that the vet gave him a really good exam back there to make sure that there's no fistulas - these can also cause some discomfort during and after having a bowel movement.

Please let me know what other questions I can handle for you

~Dr. Sara


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