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My dog ate a bunch of ibuprofen pills and feels lethargic. Help!

Customer Question

I have a 3 month Siberian husky who got into a bottle of ibuprofen and ate a bunch of pills. They were 200 mg and way over toxic level. I purged her stomach right away and gave him some activated charcoal form the store. That evening I took Koda to the emergency vet an hour away and they ran testing and gave her some meds. His tests came back good and his kidneys tested good too. Koda has not eaten in 24 hours which is concerning but what is worrying me the most is how lathargic he is. He gets up to drink and pee but the lays back down. His medication is to prevent more damage from the iubropen. He looks to be getting weaker and skinner compared to his brother.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Rebecca replied 1 year ago.

What are the meds he is taking? Was it today he got the ibuprofen, or when did it happen?

If you check his gums, are they pink in color or do they look pale to you?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
This happened around 9am on the 25th. He is taking Sucralfate, Famotidine and Cerenia his gums are a little paler than his brothers but still pink
Expert:  Rebecca replied 1 year ago.

Could he have gotten into anything else besides the ibuprofen? How much ibuprofen did he get, do you know? If the dose was high enough, it can affect the neurologic system, causing him to be letharigic.

If he were mine, I would be continuing to monitor his kidney numbers, to be sure they are not going up. If he got more than 150 mg of ibuprofen per kilogram of body weight, he may still have kidney problems. If he were my own puppy, I would check his kidney numbers, and his red blood cell count and if his kidney numbers are going up, start him on IV fluids.

It will help to know his weight, and about how many pills he got, and if the purging brought up all the pills or not.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
He weighs 23lbs , I'm not 100% sure how many pill he got but I would say around 15. When he vomited many of the pills were intact , unfortunately I did not think to count. I made an appointment for him on Monday to get his vitals checked. I panicked when it happened and was not thinking straight. I made him throw up 3 times right after. I used hydrogen peroxide.
Expert:  Rebecca replied 1 year ago.

Good that got him to vomit, and that you saw pills in the vomit.

If he were mine, I would be checking his blood counts as soon as possible. Until then, all you can do at home is try to keep him hydrated. Try offering broth as well as water, pedialyte, or Gator Ade. Try offering things like baby food or cat food to try to get him to eat, if he is not vomiting.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No he has not been vomiting which is a good sign, him being so lethargic is what worries me. I gave him pedialyte with a strange because he didn't like it to much but he is drinking water normally.
Expert:  Rebecca replied 1 year ago.

Yes, it is good he is not vomiting. It is also good he is drinking.

The lethargy, and gums more pale than his brother's are worrying signs. He could be anemic, which is why I would want to know what his red blood cell count is.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I won't really know until tomorrow, the last time they checked was 3am Saturday. We were there most of Friday night. His blood count was good.
Expert:  Rebecca replied 1 year ago.

Until he can have his blood counts checked again, all you can do is keep him warm and as hydrated as possible.

Can you take his temperature at home?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I finally got Koda to eat a little and he seems to be walking a little more. Miko his brother threw up a whole pair of underwear the around noon which I have no idea where he got them from. He threw up some fresh blood flecks. Now he's the one not eating. I have an appointment with the vet tomorrow so I'm hoping he can check them both out.
Expert:  Rebecca replied 1 year ago.

I hope you can get them both checked out, and let me know what you find.