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My dog has a round red spot on her p and some of the hair

Customer Question

My dog has a round red spot on her hip and some of the hair has fallen off. I think it might be ringworm but I'm not sure. She also has a couple very small spots on her ear that look dry and the hair is bare right there. She has had allergies her entire life (8 years) and her skin is pretty sensitive so I thought it might be something else but since it's round I figured possible ringworm. I plan on taking her in to the vet soon but wanted to ask on here. Can I upload a picture?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr B replied 1 year ago.

HI this is DRB and I would be happy to assist you. First you might be disappointed to know that a round lesion does not mean it is ringworm. Many lesions can be round unfortunately. Has your dog been around any other dogs or cats?Or does anyone in your family have ringworm? Most animals actually get it from people if that is what it is.....can you give me some more info...

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have 3 cats, but she hasn't been around any other dogs. My husband and I both thought we had a few ringworm spots on us. They don't look like normal ringworm spots and could very well be something else. I volunteer at a cat shelter and we have several ringworm cats so I could just be paranoid. I'm very careful not to bring it home.
Expert:  Dr B replied 1 year ago.

Ok, so let me give your more info: so this type of lesion could be pyoderma which is a skin infection and that would be the most likely explanation based on the fact that your dog has had allergies for so long. Ringworm is possible but doubtful as is demodectic mange. So I would bet that what you are seeing are most likely epidermal collarettes which are round an usually represent a staph infection due to being secondary to an allergy. The most important thing your vet can do besides treating the skin infection would be to get to the bottom of the underlying allergy so your dog can be allergy free and stop getting secondary skin infections. So your dog most likely has either food related allergy which is under diagnosed or a environmental allergy. Food related allergy requires a 12 week food trial with a novel protein. Environmental allergy requires daily apoquel. If your vet does not know what they are doing with this find a dermatologist. Your dog should not have to continue to suffer.

If you have worked at a shelter as you indicated above and you and your husband had spots then it is certainly possible that these could be ringworm spots as well as the other things I have indicated above. But this should be able to determine easily with a culture. I hope all this helps you. Just remember, dermatology issues can look similar and diganostics ate needed to get definitive diagnosis. I have been concentrating on dermatology for 25 years and it always requires alot of detective work. Sincerely, DRB

Please let me know if you have additional questions as I will be back online in the am.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
That makes sense. She also has thinning hair on top of her paws.. Has for a while. The vet told us she had a food allergy when she was a puppy and we switched her food. It helped a lot, but she still has the allergy issues. I attached a picture of the spot and her ear.
Expert:  Dr B replied 1 year ago.

I reviewed the pictures but cannot really tell you anymore than what I already have without diagnostics. If you dog truly has a food allergy then that will require a food change to a novel protein prescription diet, not something you can buy over the counter. You need to do a 12 week trial with no other food or treats and also no flavored heartworm prevention. Iverhart max is ok or proheart injection. This cannot be done with OTC foods. I hope this helps. If you have other questions or concerns leave them here and I will respond in the am. Sincerely,DRB

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Expert:  Dr B replied 1 year ago.

Please let me know if you have additional questions. Sincerely, DRB

Expert:  Dr B replied 1 year ago.
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