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Dr. Derek
Dr. Derek, Dog Veterinarian
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My dog may have eaten a small piece of a Heath bar. I was

Customer Question

My dog may have eaten a small piece of a Heath bar. I was eating a mini one didn't think I dropped any but he ate some thing off the ground next to me & it crunched & since it has chocolate I don't want to take any chances. What do I do?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Derek replied 1 year ago.

Hi, I'm Dr. Derek and I hope to reassure you that things will be ok for Leyland. While chocolate is considered toxic to our furry friends, milk chocolate as found in your Heath bar is less likely to pose a risk. Stronger chocolates such Baker's chocolate and dark chocolate pose much greater threats. I wouldn't be concerned over a small piece especially since you heard a crunch. That could mean that he actually ingested more of the toffee center than the actual chocolate. Even so, a small amount of milk chocolate is extremely unlikely to cause any problem. If you are still concerned, you may administer Hydrogen Peroxide by mouth as needed to induce vomiting. The amount required is different for each animal so slowly and carefully give the solution by spooning, syringing or pouring it into Leyland's mouth.

Please feel free to ask any further questions you may have and remember to rate my response. Hope to have given you some peace of mind and calmed your worries. Hope you and Leyland have a great evening.

Expert:  Dr. Derek replied 1 year ago.

Does everything still seem to be okay with Leyland? If you have more questions or would like further clarification on any aspect of my response I would be glad to assist you. If you have no further questions, please remember to rate my response. Thank you.