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My dog got sick about a month ago. I came home from work and

Customer Question

My dog got sick about a month ago. I came home from work and he couldnt walk or stand. He didnt seem like he was in pain, and when I picked him up he didnt whimper like it was hurting him. When I went to pet him hes head would flinch or twitch, he has never had any flinching issues before. I got his leash out and he tried to stand but he just wobbled and fell over. One of his eyes seemed to roll back into his head, and his third eyelid was showing. I let him sleep that night and the next morning he got out of bed and ran around, then immediately after, he got wobbly and fell down and couldnt walk again. At this point I took him to the vet. They did blood and urine work, put him on fluids, but after keeping him there for 24 hours & $700 later, they had no clue what was wrong with him and he got better on his own. He was back to normal after 24 hours at the vet. The vet said he most likely got into something toxic (my roommate thought he got into her Vicodin, still unsure). and just had to let it pass through his system. She did mention his motor skills and reflexes were slowed (she did the paw flip thing and it took him a few seconds to flip it back) and that it could be something neurological but that I would have to take him to get brain scans to find out (but after he was back to normal i didnt think this was necessary).
Fast forward to a couple days ago. My roommate first noticed he seemed like he was squinting. He couldnt fully open his eyes. He was seeing fine and running fine. The only thing that reminded me of the last time he was sick was he kept flinching when I'd pet him, and his 3rd eyelid was showing. I gave him some allergy medicine (allegra) and I thought it helped but now I dont know if it did. That night his eyes seemed better, but when I'd open them the whites were pink. The next day his eyes were sunken and 3rd eyelids covering half his eye (both eyes). His eyelids were droopy. Last night I though his eyes seemed back to normal, but he didnt get much sleep, he was walking around the house and switching positions all night. This morning his right eye is normal but his left eye is the worst its been. The top and bottom eye lids and both extremely swollen. At this point Im going to take him to the vet during my lunch break but I just wanted to get an opinion first, he just got blood work done last month and they didnt find anything, I'm afraid ill waste the money for more blood work and they wont have a clue whats wrong with him, and I have a feeling the issue hes having now is related to the one he had a month ago. Should I take him to a neurologist instead? Any idea whats wrong with my pooch? It makes me so sad not being able to help him.
Some specs; He's a 6-7 year old yellow lab mix, he's never had a single health problem in the past. Never had ticks, up to date on all his shots. He had allergies one season about 3 years ago, the vet prescribed him eyedrops, but after that one time he never had allergies again (and the symptms were different than this time).
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I'm taking him to my regular vet this evening just to make sure a neurologist is the right way to go, over the phone she said it was but I don't want to spend thousands at the neurologist if it is something simple like an eye infection. I've also made an appointment for the neurologist on Wednesday around noon.
Expert:  Doc Sara replied 1 year ago.

Hi there - I'm Dr. Sara. I'm just checking in with you to see how your boy is doing. I'm sorry that no expert was available to chat with you before you went to your vet appointment. I hope that they helped shed some light on your situation with your boy - please let us know if we can help by answering any more questions for you :)

~Dr. Sara

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Why did i have to pay the full amount if no one answered my question? It was $5 for the apt then I'd pay the rest if I was satisfied with the answer and I never got one so why was I charged?

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