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Dr B
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I have a Pomeranian that is approx. 18 years old. He has

Customer Question

Hi, I have a Pomeranian that is approx. 18 years old. He has lump above his anal area that was draining and I bathed him last night to clean the area. He is now bleeding. What can I do to stop that?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr B replied 2 years ago.

Hi this is drB and I would be happy to help you with this. My concern is that you tithe have an anal gland abscess or a tumor. Either way a vet is going to have to look at this in person......but until then you can get the bleeding to stop by simply getting a paper towel and hold pressure against the area for 10 minutes and all the bleeding should stop. If you need to clean it again I would use full strength hydrogen peroxide until your vet can look at the spot. IF you have to clean it you will probably have to put pressure eon it again to stop the bleeding. Once the bleeding has stopped I would place some topical antibiotic cream on it like neopsorin. Just dab it on, don't wipe, or you may start the bleeding again. Hope this helps, Sincerely, DRB

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Expert:  Dr B replied 2 years ago.

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Expert:  Dr B replied 2 years ago.
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