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Dr. Altman
Dr. Altman, Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
Satisfied Customers: 12472
Experience:  Practicing small animal veterinarian for 17 years.
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My dog has suddendly started to shake s head and scratch one

Customer Question

My dog has suddendly started to shake his head and scratch one of his ears, it's been almost constant for the past hour. The ear is not red and I don't see ant foreign object or bug in his ear. He just had tplo surgery last week so I cannot take him to the vet. Please help
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Altman replied 1 year ago.

Welcome to Justanswer! I am Dr. Altman and happy to assist you both today!

I am so sorry Lewis has had so much going on this past week!

I can give you some basic guidelines for this evening to hopefully allow him to get comfortable but if there is an odor, redness, discharge that is continuing overnight he likely will need a topical medication to treat the ear to resolve the symptoms. Very likely with his recent surgery there is nothing in the ear such as a grass awn or bug but possibly allergies and/ or an infection/ inflammatory response

- Begin benadryl 1 mg/ pound every 8 hours to help relieve the itch and hopefully allow him to rest comfortably. <1% do have excitement with benadryl but it is very rare and in general does provide relief in these scenarios. If this helps yet he begins to itch again in 4-6 hours you can repeat the benadryl if necessary a little early
- Wipe the ear out with a 3:1 solution of water to white vinegar with a cotton ball (no qtips!) to remove any debris and irritation
- If you have a cone or donut to use on him that would be ideal because we definitely don't want him using that newly repaired leg to scratch at the ear and damage his surgery.
- Take a moist towel and put it in the freezer for 30 minutes then apply to the ear, this will help numb and provide relief temporarily while we wait for the benadryl to help
- If you have any tramadol and/ or rimadyl from his surgery that you are tapering then I would advise using it to help give him relief. There is no contraindications of any of these medications in combination

Please let me know how else I can assist you both today. I hope Lewis is feeling better soon!

If you have more questions or if I can help in any other way, please do not hesitate to ask! If you would like to accept my answer, please press RATE OUR CONVERSATION (I am not compensated in any other way). Bonuses are always welcome. Thanks!

If you have additional questions after you rate the question, you are welcome to request me for additional conversations if I am on-line or by beginning your question "Dr. Altman..." or "Dogdoc4u..." and others will leave the questions for me. Good luck to you both!!!

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
He seems to have calmed down, not shaking his head as much, but still not resting as he should I'm afraid to try any medication since he is still on several meds. Coul he have a yeast infection from all the meds?
Expert:  Dr. Altman replied 1 year ago.

He definitely could have a yeast infection. Often there is a brownish discharge and it has a "sweet" odor to it

Expert:  Dr. Altman replied 1 year ago.

Glad to hear he is a bit more comfortable...

Expert:  Dr. Altman replied 1 year ago.

If he doesn't settle in the next hour I would try the benadryl, it is safe with nonsteroidals and tramadol and antibiotics. If he is on tramadol it might be worthwhile giving early, so if you are giving it every 12 hours perhaps going to every 8 hours which is a prescribed dose for this medication. But I do understand your hesitations...

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you very much, still panting but not shacking his head as much.
Expert:  Dr. Altman replied 1 year ago.

Happy he has settled a little bit more...

Can I assist with any additional questions or clarify anything for you both tonight?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No I think we are ok.
Expert:  Dr. Altman replied 1 year ago.

I am online another 40 minutes tonight if anything changes and you need further guidance. I truly hope he is feeling better soon!

Expert:  Dr. Altman replied 1 year ago.

Good morning, how did Lewis do after we spoke last night? I would love an update!

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you both today!

Expert:  Dr. Altman replied 1 year ago.

Oops, I am in appointments for a few more hours but will monitor for any updates :)

Expert:  Dr. Altman replied 1 year ago.
I'm just following up on our conversation about Lewis. How is everything going?
Dr. Altman

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