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I have a border colie mix 8 months old. I know they are gh

Customer Question

I have a border colie mix 8 months old. I know they are high energy but this dog seems to never stop running even in the middle of the night. He even seems to run in circles. And be disoriented and undecided which way to run at times. Is this normal ?
What can I do to slow him down ?
Will neutering help. Any ideas or information
Will be highly appreciated. Thanks
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  jadedangel57 replied 2 years ago.

Hi JaCustomer,

Is he neutered?

what obedience training have you done with him?

Is he spinning in a circle?

How many walks are you giving him each day?

Do you let him investigage, sniff, and socialize on walks?

What type of play do you do with him?

Do you have a fenced in yard?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
He is in a fenced in yard with plenty of area to run. He is not neutered . He runs so much he seems skinny. He is getting plenty of food and attention from us. I have noticed him spinning and he seems undecided witch way to go he is 8 months old.
Expert:  jadedangel57 replied 2 years ago.

Thanks for the additional information. I notice you didn't mention walks. The behavior you are describing is often a behavior we see with dogs who are not stimulated enough. Now if he was just circling that could indicate neurological issues, seizure activity, ear infections to name a few but it does seem like the circling may be more of a behavioral issue in this case.

I'm going to suggest a few things. One is to get him out on walks. They should be fast paced walks so he has a change of environment but is still getting a good workout. A tired dog is a happy dog. At home, start obedience training with him if you haven't already.

The following site is helpful in helping owners train their dog. Be sure and click on the link to the page on obedience at the bottom. and links on subsequent pages leading to detailed instructions.

Training works best if you train at least 30 minutes a day (two 15 minute sessions). I would start making your dog work via the Nothing in life is free program (NILF). It is outlined below.

Do some agility work with him. It is very stimulating and this breed is made for the sport. You can get tunnels pretty inexpensively at the toy store, though I found mine at a thrift store. You can make your own poles to weave through and jumps can be contructed cheaply with wood or wood and cinderblocks. You can do balance boards as well and create a little agility course for him. Read more on the sport here.

You can also purchase a ball throwing machine for your dog. Teach him to drop the balls in the machine. and he can have as much chasing of balls as he wants to help give him an outlet for all that energy. Running around a yard is not stimulating that is why the agility and walks will help with his excess energy and circling behavior.

I hope this information is helpful to you. If you would like any additional information or have more questions please don’t hesitate to press the reply to expert or continue conversation button so I can address any issues you still have . If you do find this helpful, please take this opportunity to rate my answer.

Expert:  jadedangel57 replied 2 years ago.
I'm just following up on our conversation about Link. How is everything going?