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Doc Sara
Doc Sara, Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
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Experience:  I am a dog and cat veterinarian with a lifetime of experience in our family veterinary hospital.
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We have a 7 week old beagle. Today she has pooped 8 times.

Customer Question

We have a 7 week old beagle. Today she has pooped 8 times. She's been sleeping most of the day, at least the last 8 hours. She woke up fine this morning but hasn't eaten much since breakfast. Her poops have not been diahrrea, but some of them have had a little mucus. It's just not like her to have no play times and to avoid eating in the afternoon and evening.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Doc Sara replied 1 year ago.

Hi there - I'm Dr. Sara. I'm a licensed vet who works exclusively with dogs and cats. I'm sorry to hear that Mia isn't feeling well - I know it can be scary when they are sick.

Seven weeks is quite little - I bet she's super cute!!! My biggest concern when little babies are off their eating schedule is that they could become hypoglycemic (low blood sugar). This can become a self-perpetuating cycle where their sugar gets low, so they feel crappy and don't eat, causing their sugar to get lower. They really don't have a great capacity to maintain their sugar when they aren't eating or if they get diarrhea. When I'm worried about hypoglycemia, I recommend that owners place a little karo or light corn syrup on the puppy's gums, or even better, get them to swallow some. Another great idea is to have a nutritional supplement like Nutrical on hand to give them in between meals or any time that they skip a meal. If she doesn't seem interested in her regular food, you can also try feeding her a bland diet of three parts boiled white rice to one part boiled chicken.

The increase in bowel movements and the mucousy consistency could be indicative of intestinal parasites or other infections. Most notably, parvoviral infections can begin as you've described, with lethargy and some soft stools. Parvo progresses to full on diarrhea and usually vomiting and a complete loss of appetite and can be absolutely life threatening if not treated. If tonight you're unable to rouse her and get her moving even after trying some sugar on the gums or she begins to vomit or that diarrhea worsens, I would seek emergency care for her. Otherwise, I'd call the vet in the morning if she's still not her perky self. If/when you do go to the vet, don't forget to take a stool sample so that they can check for intestinal parasites.

Please let me know if you have any other questions please let me know, and please keep us updated on her progress!

~Dr. Sara

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I let her lick some maple syrup off my finger. When she was done she got back in her bed, but she ate some kibble that I hand fed her. She's dozing again. You have me scared about parvovirus. Not sure what I should do.
Expert:  Doc Sara replied 1 year ago.

I'm sorry to frighten you - obviously not my intent however over the net it's really difficult to say "for sure" that everything is AOK. We often say this to our clients on the phone too - we really don't know what's happening unless we see them in the hospital.

It's a really good sign that she ate - that does make me feel better. If she begins to vomit, you're unable to rouse her and get her moving, or she is having profuse diarrhea, I would head to the ER. Otherwise I'd call your family vet first thing in the morning. Having said that, it's never wrong to be "overly cautious" and have her looked at in the ER just to be sure it's not something more serious.

Please let me know if I can answer any other questions for you!

~Dr. Sara

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Should I try and rouse her through the night? She just wants to sleep. We have a vet appt at 10 tomorrow.
Expert:  Doc Sara replied 1 year ago.

I would get her up to go outside to potty before you go to bed and repeat a small meal or the maple syrup (provided she's not vomiting), then let her sleep the night. She may wake you up to go potty tonight if she's got increased urgency from the soft stools.

Glad to hear that you've got an appointment! Let me know how it goes :)

~Dr. Sara

Expert:  Doc Sara replied 1 year ago.
I'm just following up on our conversation about Mia. How is everything going?
Doc Sara