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My friend gave me her rabbit in the beginning of June (I'm

Customer Question

Hello, my name is***** friend gave me her rabbit in the beginning of June (I'm not sure how old he is but it can't be any more than 2/3) and he has been doing wonderful. Until this last weekend.. He stopped eating while we were away and lost weight. I can see his spine and leg bones. Now he's eating again but not gaining weight, and is very anti social. I came home from school and he keeps opening and closing his mouth.. Like he's heaving almost? I'm so scared.. I don't want my bunny to die. Please help me :( I'm not sure if you're allowed to call me but if you are I'll give you my number. Please :(
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr B replied 2 years ago.

HI this is DRB and I would be happy to help you. You need to take BUN to a vet and have his teeth checked. Rabbit teeth can grown all through their life and they can get so long that they will not eat. They need to be filed periodically to keep them healthy. The other thing that is very very important is to give them fresh pineapple every week at least twice weekly as a snack. It has to be fresh pineapple as canned will not work. They need the enzymes in fresh pineapple to break down hair in their GI tract. Please take him as soon as you can because it sounds like his teeth are way overgrown. This can kill them if not taken care of.These are the two main things I would address with him and this will probably help get him back to health. I check my computer each night so I will check back with you tomorrow night to see if you have any other questions or concerns. Most Sincerely, DRB