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My 12 year old labradoodle was in perfect health. Brought

Customer Question

My 12 year old labradoodle was in perfect health. Brought her to the vet on July 6, super healthy, had rabies shot, tested negative for heart worm. Started acting funny , spitting up on the 8th, lost appetite on the 10, dead by the 18th. Severe lung infection. My son who is an X-ray technologist, saw the X-rays and said if that was a human, they would be in ICU. My question is, could the visit to the vet, and or the vaccinations have caused this? God love her, I noticed on about the 16th she didn't lay on her side, only laid down upright with her nose on her front paws. Most likely the fluid in her lungs hurt like hell, as my brother had an autoimmune disorder and had fluid in his lungs, very painful. Our family is so upset over this, as we fed her the best dog food and exercised her daily, doing our best as her family. I am still too upset to call the vet, still so devastated. Any insight would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Alleyne replied 2 years ago.

Hello my name is***** and I am a licensed veterinarian with over 9 years experience and I am hoping to help you with your question regarding Tevy. First of all I am sorry to hear about your loss of Tevy. Has Tevy had any problems with vaccines in the past? Any other health issues in the past like allergies to anything?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Absolutely nothing. So very healthy. My son came home from the military on the 8th for vacation, then lots of company. We had t- bone steaks and lobster, so initially I though she may have eaten a bone or a lobster shell. She was in perfect health. I will admit even though I fed her Wysong premium dog food and treated her for Lyme every month, I wasn't as diligent with the heart worm treatments. However, she never had interactions with other dogs, and we have our yard treated. She tested negative for heart worm on the 6th. She was exercised regularly, and everyone we met thought she was maybe 6 or 7.
Expert:  Dr. Alleyne replied 2 years ago.

OK thanks for for the additional information. Just a few more questions. When she first got sick on the 8th what was she spitting up? When did she have the xrays performed and what was the diagnosis by the veterinarian who performed the x-rays?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
she spit up her breakfast on the 8th. We thought it might be all the excitement from my son being home, she adored him. I noticed labored breathing on Friday night the 17th, called vet, closed. Called first thing Saturday morning and they said take her to emergency. I did immediately. Waited 3 hours, they took x rays there. Said due to symptoms and listening to her lungs, worried about lung infection, pneumonia. The X-rays indicated full of what we think was fluid. Very gravely ill. Vet tech told me it would be $4000. I asked to speak to the vet. She showed me X-rays, was very honest with me, said she probably couldn't save her.
Expert:  Dr. Alleyne replied 2 years ago.

Again I am sorry that you had to experience that with her. Again thanks for the additional information. I will give you my best insight I can based on the information you have provided me. Of course without having the ability to examining her or seeing the x-rays I am some what limited. But you have provided a great amount of details that are helpful. In regards ***** ***** vaccines causing this issue, if she hadn't had any problems with vaccines in the past, I would doubt that it was the case now. Most vaccine like reactions occur within 24 hours after they are given in my experience. As far as the x-rays are concerned, if she has appeared healthy then quickly declined, a lung infection would be very low on my list. With her age and how her symptoms progressed I would be concerned with either some type of lung cancer or some disease that caused her to bleed out quickly. During my career as a veterinarian and my experience with cancer, there have been times where a dog will seem fine then suddenly decline even if a tumor is present. This is because the body will often compensate for any changes resulting in a lack of symptoms. At some point the body reaches a threshold where it can't compensate anymore then the pet starts showing symptoms which progresses rapidly much to a surprise of owners. If there is a tumor in the lungs, it would be difficult to detect unless there were some respiratory signs present vs if there was a tumor in the abdomen, it can often be discovered on physical exam.